Unhappy With the Design, Lamborghini Urus Owner Turns Super Crossover Into a 6x6

The Urus is an extremely important product for Lamborghini. It is the spiritual successor to the iconic LM002 made from 1986 to 1993, and it has more than doubled the brand's annual sales since its introduction in late 2017.
Lamborghini Urus 6x6 7 photos
Photo: Reddit | OlderSprout
Lamborghini Urus 6x6Lamborghini Urus 6x6Lamborghini Urus 6x6Lamborghini Urus 6x6Lamborghini Urus 6x6Lamborghini Urus 6x6
There are so many Uruses out there that it has become a common sight in most parts of the Western world and not only. And since certain owners felt the need to make theirs stand out, there are literally countless tuned examples. We've seen a lot of them sporting various mods, from new wheels to excessive body kits and reupholstered interiors to those that have become even more powerful.

One of the stupidest designs came from Mansory earlier this year, and it was a coupe take on the model. Christened the Venatus Coupe EVO C, the three-door Lamborghini Urus saw plenty of disassembling and chopping, and since having such a model was not enough for the controversial tuner, they set out to give it a brash exterior makeover joined by an equally flashy cockpit. The power boost rounded off the makeover.

Now, speaking of flashy builds, we thought we've seen them all as far as the Lamborghini Urus is concerned. But we were clearly wrong, as we somehow missed a 6x6 take on it. We kid you not; the Lamborghini Urus 6x6 is as real as they come. We're not so sure that it is a veritable six-wheel drive vehicle, as the extra axle was probably added for look-at-me purposes, though we could be wrong, and the V8 motor might actually drive all six wheels.

It's impossible to tell if that's really the case or not, as we haven't found that much info about it online. The oldest video of it that we stumbled upon dates back to the beginning of the year, and it is a very short one. The bold vehicle wears red on the outside with the occasional black accents. It has an extended back end that has created a very generous cargo area. The roof and rear quarter panels were significantly elongated to make room for the third axle.

Rather curiously, instead of prepping it for the great outdoors, the owner chose to give it a set of large alloys shod in thin rubber. This further backs up the look-at-me statement made above, as it was likely built for show-and-tell purposes. We're really curious to find out more about it and to learn if the bi-turbo engine actually powers the extra axle, so if you happen to know more about this bold Lamborghini Urus, feel free to speak your mind in the comments section below. So, is the '6x6' Urus stupider than Mansory's coupe unveiled a few months ago?

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Editor's note: Opening picture courtesy of OlderSprout on Reddit.

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