Swanky Cadillac Celestiq Poses for the Camera, Looks Like a Wagon in Need of a Lift Kit

The Celestiq is a statement. Cadillac wants to be the American version of Rolls-Royce as we're inching closer and closer to phasing out the internal combustion engine. It's an all-electric rolling work of art that carries a hefty price tag. But, just like an abstract painting, pricey automotive compositions like this EV don't necessarily have to look good. And the Celestiq… Kind of doesn't.
Cadillac Celestiq in Vancouver, Canada 11 photos
Photo: lifecityworld on Reddit | Edited
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Look at the images in the photo gallery that were originally uploaded on Reddit by a Canadian user, and just admire the side profile of this deluxe Caddy. Doesn't it almost feel like Mercedes-Benz's EQS SUV and EQE SUV designers got their hands on a Skoda Superb or an Audi A6 Avant and were told to come up with the Cadillac of the future that cannot be a high-riding vehicle?

That's very specific, yes, but the $340,000 (before tax and options) Celestiq also makes us wonder if two teams were involved in creating this vehicle's exterior appearance. One might have left before finishing the job, while the other one just picked it all up and had at it.

The Celestiq looks impeccable and dominating when looking at it head-on. From the tip of the hood to the C pillar, everything just works. And that's what makes us believe that something must have gone wrong when they had to work out the design of the rear end. It just looks peculiar. It's almost like a full-size sedan was forced to merge its identity with a coupe-ish wagon.

However, design is subjective. We understand that Cadillac wanted to create a different vehicle. To the right buyer, the Celestiq might feel like the most fantastic pair of four wheels to ever roam the Earth. It is guaranteed to make a great impression. It could also feel innovative because it doesn't conform to existing design standards.

It has an elegant front end that screams opulence. In this striking red color, the shiny black grille with LED inserts, and daytime running lights (DRLs) that look like a pearl bracelet left on a nightstand, the Celestiq will make itself noticed everywhere. It does look fantastic. We could see even Elon Musk driving one. The posh sedan would be a great fit for the executive-turned-social-media-mogul.

The Caddy's rear end is also spectacular when isolated from the rest of the car. It allows that sloping roofline to extend graciously into the unopened rear spoiler while the bumper delicately contours its shape. The funky taillights also have their own place in this intricate assembly.

But even if we go back to the side view and take another, more in-depth look, we see that there are no visible handles, the fit-and-finish is excellent, and every little part just coexists in blissful harmony.

Cadillac Celestiq
Photo: lifecityworld on Reddit
The only controversial design choice is the rear quarter, which reminds us - in a bad way - about the first-gen BMW X6 or Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo that learned you could have some straight edges here and there.

But let's wait and see the result of the photo-video session that took place in Vancouver, Canada. Maybe we're looking at it from the wrong angle. The X5 M camera car might've recorced some breathtaking footage.

At the end of the day, no matter what the Celestiq looks like to you or me, there's one thing worth mentioning – Cadillac had a lot of courage to make this EV. It will make Rolls-Royce's two-door Spectre feel like an entry-level luxury vehicle. It could even fight the next-gen Phantom.

One of America's most important automakers got its mojo back!

But, one last thought - wouldn't have the Celestiq looked a lot better with a raised suspension setup?
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