Steve Wozniak Says He Doesn't Believe a Thing Tesla or Musk Say Anymore

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Let's set the stage here a little, so his statement gets a bit of perspective. Steve Wozniak, or simply "the Woz," is the man often credited for a very big chunk of Apple's success. He and Steve Jobs made the company what it is, and let's just say Jobs was more of a frontman while Woz was the more practical and technically gifted one.
Probably satisfied with what he had achieved and being sufficiently wealthy not to have to work for a single day of his remaining life, he pulled back and gradually disappeared from the limelight, as much as he's ever been under it.

He was still asked to take part in various tech-related events, where he would talk about a variety of subjects, with Tesla slowly becoming one of his favorites, particularly over the past few years. Woz is the owner of two Model S sedans - one for him, one for his wife - and has said it's the perfect car for the numerous road trips he and his wife take.

In late 2016, he became one of the first people to own a Chevrolet Bolt, and he's been singing praises for GM's EV ever since. He actually bought the second Model S after taking ownership of the Bolt, but he insisted the Detroit-made vehicle is more suited as a daily driver, while the larger Tesla - with its access to the Supercharger network - is ideal for longer trips.

Later on, Woz became a lot more aggressive toward Tesla, calling Musk's company "overhyped" and its Autopilot feature "dangerous." While anybody can partly agree with both adjectives used by the Apple co-founder, they do seem a bit harsh, particularly coming from a person with a certain weight in the industry.

Invited to speak at the Nordic Business Forum in Sweden, Woz didn't lay off his anti-Tesla rhetoric. Referring to the missed coast-to-coast autonomous trip promised by Musk for the end of 2017, Wozniak reportedly (according to Business Insider Nordic) stated: "Now, I don't believe anything Elon Musk or Tesla says."

To be fair, that was one of the biggest letdowns from Tesla, and one that Musk insisted was on schedule up to the last minute. Setting hard to meet deadlines might be Musk's way of motivating the employees, but it's not a very good strategy for the public, and Steve Wozniak is definitely a disgruntled (high-profile) customer.

However, despite saying other brands are most likely ahead of Tesla in the autonomous tech field (only quieter about it), he admits to still loving his two Model S sedans. And we wouldn't be surprised if he also went and bought the next Tesla product as well, which kind of casts doubt over his entire rant at the Palo Alto company.
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