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Musk Is Still Pondering How Much of the Model 3 He’ll Let Us See Come March

Elon Musk is acting like a bully right now. He’s probably enjoying a little too much this attention his company has received over the last few years, and so he’s playing mind games in the wake of the Model 3’s presentation.
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After two cars that sold in the region of $100,000, Tesla is finally about to release something we all can aspire to owning, a car that should bring electrification to the masses, so to speak. Naturally, a lot more people are excited about this prospect than were tickled by a very expensive sedan and an even more expensive SUV.

But with a little over a month left until the promised reveal, Musk is alternating good news with bad ones. On the one hand, he’s reconfirmed that the Model 3 will be presented in March, and this time, he’s even set the date: 31st, obviously, pushing it as far back as possible, which suggests there’s still plenty to be done on the new model.

Then, during a Q&A session that naturally veered towards the Model 3, he said he still hasn’t made up his mind over what exactly he’s going to show the public on that last day of March. I mean, we’ll definitely get to see the Model 3 and only the Model 3, as Tesla has denied rumors that it will be a double event showing a second car based on the same platform as well, but what exactly?

Is it going to be a set of teaser images, some renderings, a video, the actual car? If you know the answer to these questions, then it’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Musk. Another good news, though, is that Musk has confirmed the car will cost $35,000 before incentives, so at least we have that. Not that there isn’t enough time to turn it around as well, since actual production and subsequent deliveries of the Model 3 aren’t expected to start sooner than the end of next year. We know Musk isn’t exactly consistent with his decisions and that nothing happens at Tesla without his approval, so basically we shouldn’t consider anything certain before we have the Model 3 keys in our hands.


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