You'll Be Able to Sleep in Your Tesla on the Move Two Years from Now, Musk Says

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You probably know everything there is to know about Elon Musk by now, and we don't mean the size of his shoes and how he likes his coffee (I figure he's a size ten and would probably go for a latte macchiato). No, we're talking about his personality and how he likes to run his businesses.
Last year has definitely been the year of autonomous driving, which is no small feat considering it was also the time when Volkswagen had to clear up the mess behind its Dieselgate scandal. These two managed to share most of the media time, with Tesla being very much at the heart of the former of the two subjects.

Ever since the Autopilot came along, Tesla has been touting its cars as capable of autonomous driving to a certain degree. Some people misjudged those capabilities with tragic results, while others were able to make the most out of them and live to tell the story. All this time, though - and even a few months before that - their vehicles have been gathering precious data for the company that built them, enabling Tesla to sit now on top of a huge pile of autonomous-driven miles.

What's the EV-maker going to do with it? Well, according to the man calling the shots, it will allow you to extend your sleeping time over your daily commute in just about two years. Of course, that is provided you work hard enough until then to buy yourself a Tesla.

Tesla currently has a completely autonomous cost-to-cost crossing of the United States of America planned, and it's scheduled for this year. During his recent TED Talk, though, Musk was quick to mention that we shouldn't imagine the driver taking a nap behind the wheel, as he would have to be paying attention to what's around him at all times, blah blah blah, you know the drill.

However, he did have a pretty precise timeframe of when that might be able to happen, which is in "about" two years from now. We all know that in Elon Musk speak, two years can mean two years and 264 days, but even so, we're close. So unless Volkswagen does something really stupid again, two years from now we'll be talking about which vehicle offers the best sleeping experience and other exciting stuff like that.

The hardware in Tesla's Autopilot 2 (equipped on all current cars) is supposed to offer "full self-driving capability" already, but it still has to wait for the shackles of legal restrictions to fall before it can burst on the scene in all its glory. Until then, it will continue its library rat mission and gather more information.
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