Romanian Start-Up's EV Charger Has Built-In App Features Meant to Tackle Energy Crisis

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A start-up company that makes EV chargers has teamed up with a firm specializing in injection molding to create a new generation of destination chargers. The latter is a lower power charger that works with AC, not DC, and will be fitted in front of parking spaces at various venues. When more people have EVs, you will expect your workplace to have them, as well.
The new EV chargers proposed by the company that is called LEKTRI.CO are designed to integrate a special app within their way of operation, which should allow charging the battery during low-tariff hours, as well as do things like remotely stop charging when the owner decides to do so, or only charge when solar power is available at that location.

For example, some people might have a solar array connected to their house, and it may only generate enough electricity during some parts of the day, and if their EV is connected to this smart charger, its makers say that the vehicle could be charged with only what the solar panels provide, instead of energy from the network, if the owner configures it that way.

The latest kind of charger from LEKTRI.CO is called 1P7K, and it is made with injection molding technology from Hubs. While having two earlier models named the same, the 1P7K continues to be improved, and it is designed for both home and office use, and it also has bidirectional charging capabilities.

The latter involves Vehicle-to-Grid charging, which means that the electric vehicle can be deployed to charge a home if the latter is without power, but it only works if the vehicle itself supports the technology.

The charger is designed to work with any kind of photovoltaic energy generation system that is currently available to consumers, and it is prepared to work as a load balancing system. The latter can be configured from the dedicated app.

The charger from LEKTRI.CO has a suggested retail price of 499 euros (ca. $530) for the standard model. It has a Type2 connector and can charge with up to 7.4 kW from a single-phase, 32A supply. The charging current can be manually or automatically adjusted from 6 to 32A. Installation can be done by any authorized electrician.
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 Download: Lektrico 1P7K datasheet (PDF)

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