Star Citizen: Call to Adventure Update Brings a More Guided Experience for New Players

Despite the fact that it’s not yet a finished game, Star Citizen can be an overwhelming experience for new players, especially since the crowd-funded title doesn’t offer an in-depth tutorial. But that’s about to change as Cloud Imperium recently rolled out a major update that adds a comprehensive tutorial specifically created for newcomers to the space trading, combat simulation game.
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Along with many improvements meant to make new players’ lives easier, some visual enhancements have been added, too, along with a new tractor beam functionality. The latter might not seem that important, but the new mechanic enables players to make money by attaching and detaching items, such as ship components, which can be sold for profit.

Dubbed Call to Adventure, the new update doesn’t just guide new players through the intricacies of Star Citizen’s gameplay systems, but also adds more depth and improvements to the single-player and multiplayer mining. On top of that, Star Citizen players are getting new combat and salvage missions.

If you’re a new player, you’ll find a more guided experience that teaches you the basics in Area18. The newly added content covers the basics, such as the use of the special device for player information and navigating cities on foot. Also, the new guide will take players to the spaceport, where they will be able to take their first light in a C8 Pisces ship.

Star Citizen Drake Vulture
Photo: Cloud Imperium Games
One important mechanic that the latest update introduces is the so-called PES (Persistent Entity Streaming) feature, which means that all items within a server persist, so a ship left in orbit by one player can be discovered by another and stolen and destroyed. It’s the same technology used by EVE Online for quite some time, where players can steal or destroy unattended ships.

Fans of PvP gameplay are getting something too. A new PvP event, Ghost Hollow, takes players to a small settlement within a derelict Reclaimer wreck. Simply activating the local terminals will generate UEC, the in-game currency used to buy weapons, shields, and decoration items, while they’re active. However, this will activate AI guards and will attract other players who would like to claim the UEC for themselves. EVE Online players will find this new PvP event familiar since it’s one of the many ways to make money in CCP’s game.

As mentioned earlier, the tractor beam is being majorly improved to further expand salvage gameplay options. Starting with this update, the tractor beam tool allows players to attach and detach items from ship item ports. For now, it can only be used for component replacement, such as changing mining heads or salvaging valuable cargo from wrecks. However, the functionality will expand to other uses in future updates.

Speaking of salvaging, Star Citizen: Call to Adventure update brings new salvage missions too. These come in three versions: low-risk lawful missions, lawless missions, and high-risk unlawful missions. The former has the players salvage without risk of combat. On the other hand, during lawless missions, players can salvage unprotected wrecks at risk of piracy. Finally, high-risk unlawful missions are located at the sites of recent battles, so while the rewards are extremely appealing, the risks are much higher.

Star Citizen Lorville city
Photo: Cloud Imperium Games
The last major aspect touched by the recent update is mining. An improved UI has been added to the game, which is supposed to offer more information and clarity to players at first glance. If mining is your main activity in Star Citizen, you’ll be happy to know that the game will now provide you with better information on mining operation risks, minimum safe distances to avoid ship damage, and much more.

In addition, Cloud Imperium Games revealed that some mining ships have been rebalanced to make them more rewarding for those who mine in co-op. For example, the Prospector now offers unique benefits to groups controlling it. Same goes for the Argo MOLE.

Following the recent Call to Adventure update, Cloud Imperium Games announced that Star Citizen will be available to play for free during the game’s annual Invictus Launch Week 2953. The event offers players the chance to fly some of the game’s most iconic ships for free.

During this year’s event, Cloud Imperium Games will debut the next-generation performance vehicle brand, the Mirai. The first vehicles of the new brand, Fury and Fury MX, are now available for purchase or free rental during the event.

Star Citizen Vanguard Sentinel
Photo: Cloud Imperium Games
Several other ships are making a comeback for this year’s expo, including the RSI Bengal fleet carrier and the Aegis Javelin. This time around, the annual Invictus Launch Week 2953 is held in Area18 on ArcCorp to make it easier for new players to take advantage of the new guided experience and then head to the show floor to check out all the ships on display.

The Star Citizen Invicut Launch Week 2953 and Free Fly event are scheduled to run through May 30. Make sure to check out the manufacturer schedule if you want to test drive specific ships.
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