Star Citizen Kicks Off Its Annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, Free Play Now Available

Star Citizen IAE 2592 6 photos
Photo: Robert Space Industries
Star Citizen IAE 2592Star Citizen IAE 2592Star Citizen IAE 2592Star Citizen IAE 2592Star Citizen IAE 2592
One of Star Citizen’s biggest in-game events, the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, returns from November 18-30, and brings a lot of freebies to those who haven’t yet tried the game. First off, you’ll be able download and play the game for free throughout the event. Regardless of whether or not you’ve played before, we’re pretty sure that you’d want to fly some of the ships that you don’t own.
Well, during IAE, this is possible thanks to the test program that gives players access to over 120 ships for test-fly purposes. Keep in mind that two display halls will host manufacturers throughout the event, with a new company exhibiting each day and ships shown the day before moving to a second hall for any latecomers.

You had better check out the full schedule of which companies will be featured each day, otherwise you might miss the perfect ship for your chosen career or something entirely new that you wanted to try. You’ll be able to explore the digital event just like you would any convention, from exploring through fully interactive expo halls and seeing the latest ships on display, to meeting up with friends to check out various activities.

It’s also important to mention that for the first time in the history of IAE, the aerospace expo is being sponsored by Drake Interplanetary. It’s the perfect opportunity for the space company to introduce a couple of new ships, starting with the Drake Corsair making its in-game, flyable debut. The Drake Corsair will be available to fly immediately and supports a crew of up to four players. The ship features oversized fuel tanks, living quarters, and strong weaponry allowing players to venture anywhere into the universe.

Star Citizen IAE 2592
Photo: Robert Space Industries
New ships from Anvil Aerospace, and Robert Space Industries are scheduled to take place during IAE 2952 too, so make sure you check the calendar if you don’t want to miss them. This year’s IAE is of outmost importance for Star Citizen players, as the event takes place during troubling times in the universe as the XenoThreat has been detected within Stanton, so you’ll probably want the latest tech to protect yourself.

Furthermore, RSI announced that starting on November 27, attendees should expect many rewards from this year’s Ship Showdown competition. The final four ships, the Carrack, Mercury, C8X Pisces Expedition, and Scorpius, will all receive limited-edition paint options, with owners of all ships also getting limited-time manufacturer challenge coins.

On top of that, this year’s ultimate winner and the first ship in Star Citizen history to win two Ship Showdowns, the Carrack, will be commemorated with an in-game ship model celebrating the milestone, so you most likely want to be there on November 27 to not miss the festivities.

Star Citizen IAE 2592
Photo: Robert Space Industries
For those unfamiliar, this year’s Annual Intergalactic Expo is back beneath the snowy slopes of New Babbage, microTech. To get there, simply follow the signs and take the local transit system to the Tobin Expo Center (check out the map or the video).

If you’ve never played Star Citizen before, the game’s Welcome Hub has everything you need to know about starting a life in the stars. Keep in mind that you can play for free from November 18 (starting 16:00 UTC) until November 30 (ending 20:00 UTC).

Additionally, RSI has a special offer running until December 8 that involves a Drake ship. For a limited-time, players can pick up the deal on the new Drake Cutter IAE Starter Pack complete with a bonus ship paint and lifetime insurance. Moreover, the bundle includes the Star Citizen game download for free, which comes in handy if you miss the free-to-play timeframe.

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