SOD's $1.6M Peak Is an Apocalypse-Friendly Expedition Vehicle With a Cigar Lounge Interior

6x6 Peak 18 photos
Photo: SOD Stone Offroad Design GmbH
6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak6x6 Peak
Every once in a while, I encounter a mobile habitat so big, so amazing, and so out there that it redefines what we know about the current industry. This is precisely the case with SOD's Peak 6x6.
Folks, with a name like Peak, there's really nothing else you need to know about the amazing machine you see before you today; it's literally the "peak" of what the current luxury expedition industry can offer. The minds and hands behind the magic? None other than SOD, or Stone Offroad Design, a crew hailing out of Germany. Oh, and if this name sounds familiar, it's because we've featured other SOD works in the past, the Rise.

Well, it's been nearly three years since I last checked in with this custom shop and over the past few months or so, they've been hard at work unveiling some of the Peak's ins and outs on their Instagram page. Naturally, my interest "peaked" once I saw automated stairways and cargo holds being controlled via a smartphone. Time to dive in a tad deeper to see what makes this monstrous machine so dang cool.

Now, before you go on, take a nice long look at the images you see in the gallery. That way, you'll be able to associate my words with something palpable. Oh, I'm also going to skip over the fact that this vehicle is available in two different chassis: either a MAN TGS 33.520 or a Mercedes Benz Arocs 3358.

6x6 Peak
Photo: SOD Stone Offroad Design GmbH
From here, SOD goes to town throwing on all the gear they feel is essential for a no-bounds lifestyle, and by the looks of things, the result really is a vehicle that knows no bounds. Heck, the 6WD alone ensures you can crush it off-road. While a whole lot of what goes into a Peak isn't shared on the manufacturer's website, there is enough for us to create a picture of what's in store. For heavily detailed info, you will need to call up this German crew.

For starters, SOD mentions that their frames are absolutely structurally sound, galvanized, and ready for heavy off-road use. As for the suspension, we only know that a double three-point setup is in place and that a hydraulic support system is also found; clearly, this thing auto-levels. More hydraulics are used to activate the rear rack and entrance to the unit, too. Be sure to check out the embedded video below.

Speaking of entering the unit, this is also an opportune time to point out exactly what it is that we can expect from a Peak. All that starts off with a shell built using GRP insulation up to 3 mm thick and up to 80 mm of wall in certain sections of the body. Fifteen mm of reinforced profile is also integrated into the mix, and an aluminum sheet metal finish tops off what we see.

6x6 Peak
Photo: SOD Stone Offroad Design GmbH
More on the exterior, a few notable features are, of course, those six massive wheels, the diamond plating all along the exterior's lower half, the roof-mounted rails, and, last but not least, the whole front construction, including the hitch and that, that, "whale bar!" because we can't call it a moose bar, now can we? So, without further ado, let's press that button on our smartphones, watch the staircase pop into view like it's Optimus Prime's leg, and let's climb inside. Just be sure to remember your PIN; you'll need it to access your home.

Now, once we find ourselves inside the Peak, you're sure to feel as though you've been transported to another world because the interiors are the complete opposite of what the exterior offers. For example, you noticed how this thing looks bulletproof from the outside, and once we're in, that ruggedness switches over to utter luxury.

6x6 Peak
Photo: SOD Stone Offroad Design GmbH
I'm not joking, either. We can spot hand-stitched leather seating arrangements, solid wood cabinetry, granite countertops, and wall covers that make the interior feel like the most relaxing cigar lounge I've seen. Be sure to notice how appliances are integrated into the enclosure, too, not to mention a most luxurious bedroom arrangement. As for lighting, it's absolutely flawless.

And it's not just the living space that looks this clean-cut and beautiful; the cab follows the exact same specifications, maybe even a bit more vigorously than the habitat. Here, more leather is visible, making up the seats, dashboard, and side panels, all with honeycomb quilting. Some of it is Alcantra, though. Oh, and if I'm not mistaken, we can even see a couple of berths in the cab.

But how much is all this going to cost interested parties? Well, according to sources, the Peak starts off, yes, "starts off," at around €1.5M ($1.6M at current exchange rates). But you can clearly see what it is you're paying for, and no, I don't feel I need to point out that you'll be pampered and cared for by all the systems you can think of. If you've got a couple of million dollars sitting around for a mobile habitat that'll most likely handle a zombie apocalypse, this is the one to spend it all on.

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