Slammed Tesla Cybertruck Meets F-117, Becomes a Stealth Bomber

In a world where everything is over-designed, looking like a bunch of random polygons can get you noticed... and remembered. Two cutting-edge machines spaced decades apart are here to prove that, the Tesla Cybertruck and the F-117 air force jet.
Slammed Cybertruck Meets F-117, Becomes a Stealth Bomber 1 photo
Photo: Rotiform
Of course, this isn't a real picture. Tesla hasn't even built a production truck yet, and the prototypes they have aren't available for military photo ops. Almost every magazine, wheel seller or major body shop has some kind of Cybertruck rendering out there, and this one happens to be from Rotiform.

We wouldn't say that the boxy Tesla looks exactly like the jet, but in black, it's almost sinister enough to pull off the look. While the initial reaction vehicle was that it's an ugly failure, people just can't stop talking about it. The F-117 was much the same, though probably not to the same degree. People called it pointless and ugly, but over three decades later, the shape is remembered as THE stealth plane.

So why is it shaped like that? Well, this was one of the first true stealth aircraft, its shape being designed to scatter or absorb radar waves, thus making it virtually invisible. If we remember correctly, the polygonal shape is due to the performance limitations of computers at that time. Basically, this is the best stealth shape they could render.

And while the F-117 is named like a fighter plane, it's actually a bomber. Every piece or piece of ordnance is also hidden away from radar inside the body, much like the Cybertruck covers up its cargo.

The one major difference between the two is price because the Cybertruck promises to be surprisingly cheap, $40,000 for a base model or less than twice that when tri-motored. By contrast, the aircraft averaged at around $110 million per unit, and that's not even adjusted for inflation.

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