Single-Level Tiny Reveals a Remarkably Stylish Interior

Functionality and affordability are the main focus when it comes to downsizing, but this doesn’t have to mean that style gets neglected. On the contrary – models like the Etowah prove that even the smallest spaces can become a visual delight.
The Etowah reveals a gorgeous Scandinavian-style interior, both elegant and simple 21 photos
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes
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Unofficially, pairing tiny dwellings with Scandinavian minimalism is a classic combo. This particular aesthetic fits the tiny living philosophy like a glove – they’re both based on things like simplicity, practical solutions, sustainability, and connection with nature. Tiny homes are incredibly versatile and can be adapted to a wide variety of interior decor styles, but Scandinavian minimalism has an effortless, timeless quality.

Tiny homes can easily become cluttered in the effort to squeeze in as many functionalities as possible. But sometimes it’s better to just follow the simplest path. Few builders out there admit that tiny alternatives are perhaps best suited for temporary living. When a tiny house isn’t built as a forever home, this can take a lot of the pressure off, and allow future owners to enjoy its minimalism in all aspects.

Travis Pyke is one of the many people who experienced tiny living for themselves, before starting to build micro dwellings for others. For Pyke, the tiny house he had built for his young family turned out to be the best solution for four years, until they were able to buy some land and build a homestead. But this didn’t make it less valuable or memorable for them.

Etowah Tiny House
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes
Pyke, who went on to establish a successful business in the field, under the Wind River Tiny Homes brand, focuses more on the potential of tiny homes as temporary choices for folks who are at a crossroad. This can take many shapes, such as starting a young family, becoming an empty-nester, moving out for the first time, or deciding to travel around for a while. Tiny living doesn’t have to become a permanent situation, but can turn out to be a saving grace at the right time.

With this perspective in mind, suddenly there’s more freedom to focus on aesthetics. Tiny details such as a round window, wooden accents, or an unusual tile transition, become more noticeable and turn an apparently basic home into a Scandinavian-style masterpiece. Because the Etowah isn’t crowded with unnecessary additions, each single design element gets the admiration it deserves.

Etowah’s 323-square foot (30 square meters) surface seems much bigger, thanks to the skillful combination of an open-space layout and a clean style. The transition from one area to another is smooth, views are unobstructed, and the outside is invited in as much as possible, within the limits of conventional comfort.

A main floor bedroom is often seen as the most comfortable option when it comes to sleep accommodation in a tiny home, simplifying access for everyone. Having everything on the same floor can also help keep things organized and easy to reach. It might be a better choice for a single or two-people household, where privacy isn’t a stringent issue.

Etowah Tiny House
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes
However, the Etowah is flexible enough to allow a sleeping loft (accessed via a ladder) over the bedroom, so that it can accommodate up to four people.

Its main floor bedroom is remarkably elegant, due to the discrete separation from the rest of the house, the huge, round window, and the striking wooden accent in the room’s bum-out (the tiny addition that makes the bedroom a bit more spacious). Simple, yet elegant elements such as these create visual interest and instantly elevate the Etowah’s style.

The bathroom, for instance, is unexpectedly stylish for such a simple design, through the clever use of contrasting textures in combination with a simple palette of white, beige, and black. The tile transition and the floating vanity add a touch of sophistication. A generous-sized shower and a gravity flush toilet are neatly integrated, keeping the overall aesthetic undisturbed.

The kitchen reflects the same pure, simple elegance. The butcher block countertop goes perfectly with the square steel brackets for open shelves, and the contrasting finishes (either brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or black). A two-burner electric cooktop and a 24-inch fridge are seamlessly integrated, together with storage cabinets with a soft close, and additional space for a washer/dryer combo.

Etowah Tiny House
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes
Etowah’s living area is also surprisingly generous for a 32-foot (9.7 meters) home. There’s plenty of room for a cozy sofa and a tiny dining table, and the future owners have the freedom to choose what suits them best (although built-ins are also available).

Like all Wind River tiny homes, the Etowah comes on a custom-built, heavy-duty trailer with a bumper-pull, highway lighting, and trailer brakes. It’s simple enough to be adapted for various applications (including a guest house or a vacation home) and, at the same time, sophisticated enough for those who value aesthetics. Natural simplicity makes this design as modern as it is rustic.

Pricing for this single-level tiny with a Scandinavian charm starts at $110, 400 – even simplicity is costly these days. But Wind River has other more affordable options as well. After all, downsizing can mean something different to anyone.
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