Mods Is Setting New Limits for Shipping Container Homes: Units Even Have Pools and Garages

There are countless ways in which the booming lifestyle industry can be linked to the automotive world. Yet, what better way to truly appreciate your car than to live out of the very space it, too, once called home. I'm talking about container homes, and this next crew is, how do I say this, on the next level, literally!
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Yes, 'next level' is one way to identify the works of a container home designer and builder dubbed Mods. If you've never heard of them, they're an American crew with a liking for building an array of habitats from steel shipping containers. However, before you call them for one of the creations you witness in the gallery, make sure you understand what you're getting into.

Now, a whole lot about Mods isn't specified on their website, but their projects can be found all over the U.S. and cover everything from commercial and retail constructions to events, housing, and, yes, residential homes. It looks like Mods is bent on putting your car back where it came from; in an upgraded container home dubbed a garage.

I'll be honest; the one thing that attracted me to Mods and their residential works is that these constructions end up looking, feeling, and behaving like any other home you visit. Heck, several of them have garages and multiple living levels. Others are simpler, if only from the outside. Time to dive in a bit deeper and see just what Mods has to offer.

Why containers to build homes? According to Mods, these puppies "can be easily modified and stacked." This means that there's more room to mess around in and create a habitat you can call home.

Residential Container Home
Photo: Mods
But there's an innate problem with container homes that most people overlook: they're not built or designed to be used as abodes. So, this is where the "easily modified" bit comes in. If you want your hunk of steel to support day-to-day life, you'll need to make several structural upgrades. Heck, once you start stacking them, even greater stress takes place.

To ensure that each new or "lightly used" container is raised to a safe and livable standard, each unit is heavily modified and fitted with the necessary extras. There's no indication of precisely what the crew does to each container, but it really depends on where it will be used and what for. One thing Mods does mention is that your final home will need a concrete foundation upon which it will be set. They're even welded in place, so moving your home to another site may end up being out of the question. As a rule of thumb, the smaller a unit is, the less site preparation it needs, thus, granting more mobility.

Since this is just about the only information the manufacturer's website offers us, the rest is up to our imagination. Personally, I've chosen a particular unit to live out of, if only momentarily. My choice is that tri-level unit with a black exterior and a garage integrated into the surrounding terrain. Sure, the garage is nice, and all, but this beautifully crafted home is so much more.

First of all, look at the garden that sits atop the garage. Imagine waking up, grabbing a coffee, and heading out to that table with an umbrella. All the while, fresh air fills your lungs, and sunlight warms your bones. What a way to start the day. Maybe you decide to take a dip in the pool that's integrated into that last container. If I'm not mistaken, that turquoise color denotes actual pool water!

Residential Container Home Interior
Photo: Mods
Want more magic? Avert your eyes to the very last level. Here is yet another area where we can witness the limits to which Mods pushed design. If we look closely at how this floor is set up, we can see that part of the container floats in midair. Take a moment to imagine the dinners and parties you can have up there. I don't even notice any support struts.

If this unit isn't your style, let's explore a few of the remaining versions. Another multi-floor home is that super block-like one that looks ripped right out of Minecraft. Hey, some people like this sort of structure. Then there's another grey home, similar to the black one I pointed out. The difference here seems to be a lack of a pool and a floating floor. If none of these fit your style or needs, let Mods know, and you'll be able to craft your dream home from scratch.

Now, I want to point out an interesting situation that arose as I was exploring the giants we see here. A colleague of mine looked over my shoulder to see what I was working on, and he asked, "Can these renders even be built, like for real?" The answer to that question is most certainly a "Yes." Heck, imagine what would happen if you called Mods up and told them, "Hey, I want that black tri-level home integrated into the surrounding hill. Money is no object," and they said, "No!" The world wouldn't hear the end of it. Oh, what we're seeing isn't even the full depth of what's possible.

Regarding how much you can end up paying for something like this, it's difficult to say. Custom jobs require all sorts of attention, and there's no price list on Mods' website. The rest is up to you.
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