Show the Kids Where It All Began With Free & Easy X State Bicycle Co. Bikes and Apparel

OG Klunker and Balance Bike 13 photos
Photo: State Bicycle Co. X Free & Easy
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Back in 2018, LeBron James was spotted wearing a cap from Free & Easy. In the process, the famous "Don't Trip" clothing line took off. Well, Free & Easy is at it again, and this time, hand in hand with America's State Bicycle Co.; they just whipped out a lineup of bikes designed to bring parent and child together.
Folks, there have been countless collaborations that have included Free & Easy, but this next one is right up my alley. Why? Simply because this crew has shaken hands with one of America's freshest and fastest-growing bicycle brands, State Bicycle Co.

You may have heard of this cycling crew before, as we covered their work on several occasions. They're typically known for spitting out some rather amazing machines and for a price that can rarely be beaten in this day and age. It's why they've risen to such acclaim in recent years.

Well, the recent collab with Free & Easy has sparked two new bicycles for the teams involved, and this includes a signature OG Klunker and a kid's balance bike. Best of all, the Klunker and a neat cargo bag are selling for a cool and manageable $500 (€460 at current exchange rates), while the balance bike is just $100 (€92). That's one way to get the entire family in on the fun. But there's a bit more to it than that, so let's keep rolling forward.

OG Klunker
Photo: State Bicycle Co. X Free & Easy
Now, the idea behind this lineup has to do with the roots of American BMX culture. What I mean to say is that the Klunker is not only a direct representation of the cycles that started it all for the US, but the colorway is also reminiscent of the 70's and 80's "surf, skate, and bicycle culture." Trippy, man.

This is where Free & Easy comes in and brings their signature colorways and designs to this lineup. If you're up to date with this team's work, then you know darn well that the 70s and 80s cycling culture mix beautifully with the colorful of-era cues.

Heck, just take a look at the Klunker's color scheme. At the rear, it starts off showcasing red paint, but as we move toward the front of the bike, the red fades into yellow and the yellow into a crisp turquoise hue. I love this sort of fade.

Balance Bike
Photo: State Bicycle Co. X Free & Easy
As for where Free & Easy positions themselves in the whole matter, they do it by paying attention to not just the bicycle but the rider as well. If you've checked the images in the gallery, you may have noticed how the adult model's yellow t-shirt perfectly matches the color on the Klunkers frame. Is this by chance? I think not, and it's this attention to detail that has led both these teams to where they are today. The balance bike, on the other hand, is a tad less colorful.

Beyond flashy colors and all that, it's also important to check out what we're getting for that cash. Starting with the Klunker and bag combo, we're looking at a two-wheeler crafted with nothing more than good old timeless steel, fork included, and since it's all tuned to rock tires with a 2.35-inch cross-section, riding around town and even off-road shouldn't be a problem. Just be sure to stand up when taking on bigger bumps, as this one has no suspension. You'll also rely on tire pressure to reduce some of the blows.

One significant trait of the Klunker is its highly bent top tube that blends seamlessly into the seat stay. This curve offers precious room for mounting and dismounting. Furthermore, the frame also looks like it's ready to accommodate cargo racks, denoted by the presence of mounts at the rear. To reinforce this shape, another shorter top tube is added right underneath the first.

OG Klunker
Photo: State Bicycle Co. X Free & Easy
Other than that, we're looking at a single-speed configuration with 42T at the front and 22T at the back, a near 2:1 ratio, so it's right on the money in terms of relaxed and cruise-worthy gearing. The rest is completed with a BMX-style handlebar, flat pedals, a coaster brake, and, most importantly, that frame bag with a bottle opener; that's what you get for $500. Yet, there's nothing on just how much this hunk of steel weighs.

As for the kid's bike, it's a tad simpler than the adult machine because it's a balance bike, and this means no pedals, no brakes, and no drivetrain. As for the colorway, a simple white backdrop with "Free & Easy" following the same fade found on the Klunker. This piece only weighs 6.28 lbs (2.84 kg).

All that's really left to do now is break open that piggy bank, grab your kid or kids, and head to State's website. If you've got two children, grab the other bucket of change you have lying around and go for it! At the end of the day, to get your kids into cycling for $100 is one hell of a deal. Drop another $500, and bring back some of your own memories.
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