Remembering the Dior and Bogarde BMX and Why Only the Upper Class Would Ever Own One

Dior X Bogarde 13 photos
Photo: The Arsenale
Dior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X BogardeDior X Bogarde
I'm all for a solid bicycle, but the moment someone starts charging upwards of $25,000 for one, you've got to ask yourself some questions. You'd better start skipping lunch for the next few years or so if you want to own a Dior X Bogarde BMX.
Ladies and gentlemen, the name Bogarde is bound to mean very little to you if you're not into cycling or live in France. However, the name Dior is bound to ring a bell. After all, this fashion house has been cranking out luxury garments year after year since 1947 (founded in 1946).

Well, a couple of years ago, Bogarde, a cycling crew with a history tracing back as far as 2014 (according to their Facebook page), decided to embark upon a journey that would forever change the way we see and ride BMX bikes. They did this by shaking hands with timeless Dior to whip up a lineup of BMX bikes that take the classic design of the 80s and make a downright fashion statement out of them.

Now, this collaboration was sparked back in 2017, a year that was, how do I put this, 'retro,' in every sense of the word, and the Bogarde x Dior machines not only put Bogarde on the international cycling map but allowed them to wiggle their way into Dior fans from all walks of life. One such name is Travis Barker; be sure to check out that article.

Dior X Bogarde
Photo: The Arsenale
Overall, three versions were unveiled, and aside from the name Dior stamped clear onto each one, they were manufactured in limited quantities and sold only through Dior stores. Oh, and you can be sure these babies were probably hanging around on some wall or in the window showcase. Yet, if you had $25K to spend on a fashion item, would it really be a BMX that's seen the Dior touch?

Personally, I wouldn't; there are countless other promising BMX designs on the market that would blow this one out of the water, be it in terms of performance, cost, or even looks. With that in mind, let's dive deeper and see what these babies are all about. Oh, and if you do somehow fall in love with one of the bikes, maybe all three, they still seem to be available here and there.

First off, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery, and as you do, be sure to take note of all the features that are Bogarde and then the ones that are Dior.

For starters, we can clearly see that each frame follows the classic Bogarde look this brand has grown to be known for. Yup, it's all inspired by the feel of those two-wheelers some of us grew up with, and funny enough, the building material remains nothing but good old steel. In this case, 4130 chromoly, triple butted for maximum strength and reduced weight, much like what your average modern BMX showcases.

Dior X Bogarde
Photo: The Arsenale
Once the frame is in place, the two teams then bring to light three color combinations with which to appeal to future owners. First, there's that black and red version, inspired by Bogarde colorways. This version is fitted with 24-inch seven-spoke wheels and rocking rubbers with a red line to match the brake cables. All that's then topped off with a leather family-jewel guard with "Dior" stamped on it, a leather saddle, and a handlebar pad, too. Don't forget the high-rise handlebar and single-speed drivetrain.

Further up the line, it's time to do a complete 180 and check out that white version. Here, the bare chromoly frame is now covered with an immaculate white paint job matched by the grips, saddle, tires, and those ravishing three-spoke wheels. A golden thread along the tire wall is about the only thing that pops out of this nearly all-white, all but the pads, which, once again, tells the world that Dior has tampered with this design.

This version, however, does have a couple of neat touches that I'd love to point out. The first are those guards hanging off the handlebars. While you're probably never going to ride this $25K piece of metal through any terrain that throws rocks or branches at you, they do bring back a touch of the golden days of BMX, when the sport was nothing more than a few kids racing their bikes off-road. Oh, and those clear and composite pedals are an awesome touch.

Dior X Bogarde
Photo: The Arsenale
The final version on the table today is that golden unicorn we spot in the gallery. For this layout, it seems as though the two crews decided to mash up the two previous versions, but all that's set up is a golden frame, fork, and rims. Even the cranks and handlebar are golden, a signature trait of the Dior line.

All this brings me to my final point: if you were ever to buy something like this, when would you ride it? Would it just hang on your wall, or do you parade it around town, telling the whole world that you have $25K sitting under your feet?

Oh, and if anyone even dares to question that number, just point to the "Dior" tattered all over the frame and composites and the crankset, where the words "Dior Homme" and "X/100" are etched into this bike's very being. Now, that's a fashion statement, and we can thank branding for all that. Ride safe out there.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase all three Dior X Bogarde variations.

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