Renault Zoe Cabriolet Rendered Again

Renault has tried its hand at making convertibles before, but demand has never been outstanding. The problem, we think, is that you need a premium image to justify higher prices usually associated with drop-top. Even though they put their engines in a lot of Mercedes cars and vans, Renault doesn't have the posh look.
Renault Zoe rendering 3 photos
Renault Zoe renderingRenault Zoe rendering
But what about this thing, a Renault Zoe EV that's been made into a Cabriolet? The little Zoe is among the cheapest EVs in production, but it's still expensive. An extra €1,000 added to that price tag in exchange for a convertible roof would not hurt at all.

The advantages of a convertible EV are pretty obvious. Since there's no internal combustion engine, the only noises you'll hear will come from the wind and the tires. It would be like driving a really big skateboard!

Last week, Renault asked via one of its Facebook pages if people would want such a car to be built. Theophilus Chin took that idea and created a rendering of what it might look like. From a five-door hatch, Zoe is now a two-door with a slightly more rakish roof.

Despite looking like a small car, the Zoe is actually the same size as the Clio it's based on. Power comes from an 88 PS electric motor and a battery that promises up to 210 of driving range.

Rendering via Theophilus Chin


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