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Range Rover Pickup Should Come Forward for Atonement

As if the whole crossover/SUV/pickup frenzy was not enough, a small percentage of owners have started turning regular cars into high-riders, often with an increased hauling twist. We’ve covered some of them over the years, and there aren’t many that we’d want to remember, save for some Dodge Chargers and Challengers maybe.
Range Rover - Pickup Conversion 7 photos
Range Rover - Pickup ConversionRange Rover - Pickup RenderingRange RoverRange RoverRange RoverRange Rover
At a different end of the spectrum, we find those who wish they had gone for a proper pickup when they picked up their crossover/SUV. And instead of dealing with the matter the logical way, which would be selling their rides and buying a workhorse, on rare occasions, they have they have turned them into such models.

Case in point, meet one orange Range Rover, an L322 by the looks of it, which has left the posh life behind it, embarking on the hauling cruise. Photographed in Cheltenham, England, it ended up in Reddit’s ‘bad’ car mods thread, and it is obvious why, isn’t it? First of all, it’s not the sleekest pickup conversion we have seen, and second, that bright color doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with non-sporty vehicles.

As far as the modifications go, the owner chopped its roof off behind the B pillars, retaining the rear doors that no longer have handles. A large piece of metal protects the rear windscreen from anything that it might be hauling in the open bed, which, due to the extremely long rear overhang, is simply massive.

For the most part, this old Range Rover appears to be in pretty decent shape, and we think that a duller paint finish, and different wheels and tires, would help with the looks. Also, since that rear overhang needs to be corrected, one Redditor has virtually turned the entire ride into a more interesting single cab pickup. Too bad they didn’t give it a new color as well.


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