Possibly Fake: Driver Waves Gun at Biker, His Finger Is on th Trigger

Road rage and guns is never a funny combination 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Unfortunately, it's not exactly seldom when road rage incidents degenerate in violent conflicts involving more than name-calling and some fist-throwing. Video social media websites are littered with numerous recordings from dashboard or personal cams, phones and CCTV showing how nasty things can sometimes turn.
Still, from some kicks and punches to waving knives or handguns, it's a very long way. It is not uncommon that people who get involved in such brawls get carried away and break the law, while in more critical cases, serious injuries are also added to the whole mess.

This looks like a fake, but is still disturbing

I am no gun expert, but judging on how easy the gun looks in the hand of the driver as he waves it around I'd say it is a replica. Or maybe the guy has exceptionally strong arms and makes wielding a .45 look so easily...

However, it's not the presence of the gun that's bothering me, but the finger on the trigger. A finger on the trigger at times when it should not be there was the cause of so many killings that it's no use even trying to count them.

An awful lot of people have been shot, some of them to death, accidentally, even though the fellow holding the gun had no real intention of using it for anything else than intimidation.

If the gun in this video is real and loaded, with the safety off, just try to imagine what could happen if the driver accidentally hit the A-pillar of his car, the steering wheel or the window. Such a bang at point blank distance from a .45 is most likely first-class ticket to riding six feet under.

Seriously, I try to see the point of staging such a scenario. It only casts a bad light on both riders and drivers, as well as upon responsible gun owners. In other words, this is not helping anyone at all!

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