Only in Australia: Rider Rear-Ended, Gives Thumbs Up, Asks if Driver Is Alright – Video

Rider Rear-Ended, Gives Thumbs Up 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
A chain reaction crash on a road in the Canberra region in Australia leads to an unsuspecting rider being rear-ended pretty hard but things are way better than what we expected in the first place. While one of the reasons why we ae showing you this video is to prove that sometimes even riders who are calm in traffic and obey the road rules might get it, there is another thing much more important which much be highlighted: the cordial way things roll after the crash.
Frankly, this looks more like a rehearsal for a stunt in a movie and not an actual accident involving multiple vehicles. Some might argue that the rider is so relaxed because he realizes he is alright and it’s only the bike which took damage. They also say that should he have been injured, things would have unfolded in a different way.

Well, these chaps are 100% right, because a rider who has been injured and thrown to the ground has other problems than to ask the guy who crashed into him if he or she is alright, doesn’t it?

A chain reaction minimized the impact force

While at first we thought that the green car was at fault, watching the whole video taught us that the crash involved multiple vehicles, and the motorcycle was in fact the last of the ones who suffered from this.

We can spot at least three cars behind the bike, all showing visible crash marks, bent hoods and bumpers and all. So basically the last of the damaged cars could be blamed for causing the crash… and maybe the fact that the rest of the vehicles were traveling extremely closely together.

Even so, seeing the rider doing a bit if “skywalking“ before landing safely on the tarmac, giving a thumbs up to let others know he’s alright and asking if the driver who hit him was also alright is a truly rare and most welcome thing. Suddenly we remember people waving guns in Russia and all..

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