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2015 Ford Mustang Burns to a Crisp, Had Only 6k Miles on the Clock

The Ford Mustang isn’t just the most popular automotive nameplate of all time, but a pretty fun-tastic overall package as well. Be it an old school 1966 Ford Mustang 289 cruiser or the 2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang blunderbuss, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself in such a desirable and fulfilling machine.
2015 Ford Mustang catches fire 4 photos
2015 Ford Mustang burns to a crisp2015 Ford Mustang burns to a crisp2015 Ford Mustang burns to a crisp
But that can’t be said about Mustang6G forum member 5ohslow and his brand new 2015 Ford Mustang GT fastback. The poor guy describes his experience with the V8-powered S550 in a forum thread titled “2015 5.0 on Fire Literally” as follows:

“Just picked my car back up from the dealership for some warranty issues. Driving on the freeway and noticed some white smoke coming from the hood. It progressively got worse so I pulled over into the shoulder. Instinctively thought the car was over heating and it was steam from the radiator. So I proceeded to pop the hood as flames burst from the edges of the hood. Here's the outcome. Insurance is going to love me."

"There were no mods to the car. It had 6k miles.”

Look at the three-pic gallery below and ponder what might’ve triggered this Mustang’s case of spontaneous combustion. In the last 6 months, the 2015 model year was recalled for various defects: certain EcoBoost-powered ponies got their gasoline supply tube assembly incorrectly installed, some were recalled over a safety belt issue and some V8-powered ponies were called back for badly installed catalytic converters.

It’s far fetched to think that 5ohslow’s unfortunate happening was the result of incorrectly installed catalytic converters, but does it really matter at the end of the day? After all, the guy is safe and sound and insurance will cover his mess with an all-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT fastback, whether they like it or not. Thing is, in the 6,000 miles the guy drove his Mustang, 5ohslow took his pride and joy in for minor repairs.

The Mustang6G forum member also discloses that his 'Stang had the "heated/cooled seats replaced on both sides" prior to this fiery event. Furthermore, it also had a small hole on a seam weld on the hood. As if that wasn't enough, the windshield cowl also had to be looked at by the dealerhip's service department.

"The car drove fine after I picked it up. Didn't notice anything immediately wrong. Also when I picked it up the ford dealership left the old seat cushions, covers and the boxes the new ones came in, in the car. On warranty replaced parts are those usually given to the customer?“

What’s your opinion on this one? Was it a manufacturing error or a mechanic’s shoddy botch job?


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