Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" Widebody Looks Like a Downforce Monster

We've talked about the eagerly anticipated, yet unconfirmed, Porsche 928 revival on multiple occasions, so how about a digital build that sees the original 928 being turned into a time attach monster? This rendering is here to answer the question.
Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" (rendering) 8 photos
Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" widebody (rendering)Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" widebody (rendering)Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" widebody (rendering)Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" widebody (rendering)Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" widebody (rendering)Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" widebody (rendering)Porsche 928 "Mighty Mouse" widebody (rendering)
Back in the late 1970s when Porsche introduced the 928, it was expected to replace the 911, as the company considered the rear-engined Neunelfer reached the end of its line.

Well, while the 911 continues to fortify its status as an icon, the V8-animated coupe that was intended to take its place was eventually retired in 1995. And, to return to the revival theme mentioned in the intro, such a move might take place later in the decade, albeit with an EV flavor.

Nowadays, the GT nature of the front-engined machine that is the 928 means this isn't exactly the first choice for those completing time attack projects.

Well, digital artist Andreas Richter has decided to bring us an extreme take on the 928, which you can find in the Instagram posts at the bottom of the page - we're talking about a self-taught artist who is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

While the body of the Zuffenhausen machine comes in a shade of white that aids with the modernized look, the aero kit we have here, with its super-sized elements, wasn't originally created for this Porscha - as revealed by the last two Insta posts below, the artist initially fitted the kit to a Fiat 500, right down to the Rauh Welt-Begriff overfenders. Heck, you can even see a comparo of the two, so feel free to pick the design that floats your boat.

Then again, this 928 features a wheel design inspired from that of contemporary Porsches, while the front wheels even feature Turbofan-style covers, as is the case with certain real-world builds, such as this 991-generation Porsche 911 GT Turbo.


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