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Porsche Cayman GT4 Trades Manual Gearbox for PDK in Hurricane Harvey Rebuild

Porsche's sportscar lineup might be the most diverse in the world, but there are times when it simply can't please enthusiasts. These usually involve transmission choice limitations imposed by the carmaker. Well, it seems there's one aftermarket developer that likes to challenge these tranny conventions. So after introducing the world's first manual gearbox 991.1 911 GT3 RS back in 2018, the specialist will now build the first Cayman GT4 road car with a PDK.
Porsche Cayman GT4 Loses Manual Gearbox for PDK 1 photo
As the Porschephiles among you know, the now-retired GT4 can only be hand with a manual, since Zuffenhausen wanted to avoid the risk of 911 cannibalization. So if you're looking to mix the said badge with a dual-clutch unit, you'll have to go for the Cayman GT4 Clubsport, which is the circuit-only version.

Well, Florida-based BGB Motorsports is already working to change that, fitting a street Cayman GT4 with a PDK, but only to send the car to the racetrack. Allow us to elaborate.

The 911-animated mid-engined Porsche we have here was destroyed by the Hurrican Harvey. However, given the limited production of the car, the owner asked the said specialist to rebuild the car last year.

And while the Cayman GT4 had already been gifted with certain upgrades back in 2017, the aficionado behind the wheel has now commissioned a complete racecar build.

So, PDK aside, the Porscha has been gifted with air jacks, three-way adjustable dampers, Forgeline GS1R wheels, Cayman GT4 Clubsport brakes, an IMSA roll cage and all mandatory safety bits (harnesses, fire suppression and power distribution).

Oh, and this is what the aftermarket developer had to say about swapping the three-pedal setup of the GT4 for a PDK: "Yes, two years ago we made history by putting a 6-spd transmission in a GT3 RS and while we believe that it’s important to #savemanuals, lots of mercenaries play both sides of the fence!"

As you can notice in the Instagram post below, we're currently talking about work in progress and we'll bring you fresh info on the project as soon as we get our keyboards on it.


One of our latest projects in the shop is the race conversion of this awesome #Porsche #CaymanGT4 road car that was resurrected as a Hurricane Harvey flood victim last year! In 2017 we did the first round of upgrades and this winter the owner decided to send it back for conversion to full race duty; in doing so we have added air jacks, 3-way dampers form @motioncontrolsuspension, lightweight GS1R wheels from @forgeline, #caymangt4clubsport brakes from @pfcbrakes, an IMSA spec 1.75” * .095” DOM roll cage and all required safety bits in the form of harnesses, fire suppression and power distribution. Last but not least we are doing a transmission swap and will attempt to create the world’s first GT4 street car with PDK! Yes, 2 years ago we made history by putting a 6-spd transmission in a #GT3RS and while we believe that it’s important to #savemanuals, lots of mercenaries play both sides of the fence! #PDK #midengine #midenginemonday #flatsix #flatsix #instaporsche #cars #carsofinstagram #becauseracecar

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