Police Shut Down Bridge for YouTuber To Ride in $100 Million Ferrari

If you're a gearhead, chances are you love all types of cars. But this will focus on some of the greatest. One of the world's most well-known YouTubers takes us on an action-packed stroll through a different kind of memory lane, one that puts the spotlight on some of the world's most fantastic automobiles. To do that, MrBeast needed the support of a lot of people, including historians, officers, and car owners. Here's the gist of this amazing run.
Ferrari 125 S 38 photos
Photo: MrBeast on YouTube | edited
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You don't see something like this happen often. And we certainly have never experienced such a short video packed with so much breathtaking stuff. The way people are presented with information is rapidly changing, and that can only mean more challenges down the road for content creators and the media.

The YouTuber started this video by buying a rustbucket of a car for $1, fixing it so it could run temporarily, and eventually throwing it off a mountain in true Grand Tour or old Top Gear style.

Then, things got more interesting. They drove a Tesla Model X Plaid and a Lamborghini Huracan to showcase what moving up the price ladder in $100,000 increments would get buyers.

The $300,000 vehicle was a fully loaded Rezvani Vengeance. That's a redesigned Cadillac Escalade with some interesting additions like bulletproof doors and windows, a smoke screen, repellents such as pepper spray, and an armored underbody that can withstand explosions. They tested it, and the SUV survived with just a slightly cracked windshield.

Rezvani Vengeance Smoke Screen
Photo: MrBeast on YouTube

Into the millions

Next, the YouTuber and his crew drove a pair of amphibious cars, admired a flying vehicle that shapeshifts into a plane at the push of a button, and even drove a hydrogen-powered prototype that cost $2 million and looked like it came out of Cyberpunk 2077-like video game. It's so early in the development process that it doesn't even have seatbelts.

But it drives! In doing so, it consumes hydrogen to produce electricity, and the result is water. That's what's coming out of its "exhaust" system. Think of the Toyota Mirai and make it thirty times more interesting (and pricier). That's what the Hyperion XP1 should be when it's deemed ready for production.

They also got inside a Koenigsegg Agera Vader, one of the last two Ageras ever made. The other one is known as "Thor."

MrBeast also met with Jay Leno. The TV star took him and a friend on a short ride in the legendary McLaren F1, which has an estimated market value of over $20 million.

Jay Leno's McLaren F1
Photo: MrBeast on YouTube
Then, they got to ride in two iconic automobiles – the 1952 Ferrari 212 Barchetta roadster and the 1956 Jaguar XKSS. The former was Enzo Ferrari's gift to Henry Ford, while the latter was Steve McQueen's daily driver. Put together, these legendary open-top cars are worth over $80,000,000. You can admire them in the flesh at the Petersen Museum.

But now comes the most interesting vehicle featured in this video, and it's mind-boggling that it was driven on public roads.

Making room for the most important Ferrari ever

Enzo Ferrari spent a good chunk of his career at Alfa Romeo as the sporting director of the Italian marque's racing team. In 1946, rumors started circulating around Italy's Milan, Bologna, and Modena that a former executive had begun a daring experiment – building a V12-powered car.

Back then, that wasn't something groundbreaking. Many vehicles had such a powerplant. But Enzo's idea entailed an absolutely courageous, if not borderline mad, take on making a new engine with so many cylinders – it would have only a 1.5-liter displacement. Imagine the size of the pistons in such a cramped space! They'd look like nails!

Ferrari 125 S
Photo: MrBeast on YouTube
But Enzo Ferrari was determined, and Gioacchino Colombo brought his vision to the real world. That marvelous mechanical beating heart was put into the Ferrari 125 S, a racing car that also happens to be the first official Ferrari vehicle.

The roadster's body showed some Alfa Romeo-inspired design cues and had such a long hood that you would think a W16 could hide under it. The unit was paired with a five-speed gearbox, which made sure the engine's 118 hp output would be administered correctly.

The racing vehicle was soon put to its first test in 1947 but couldn't finish the competition. But just two weeks later, the Grand Prix of Rome would become the place where Ferrari and its V12-powered 125 S scored their first-ever victory with their first-ever car.

Thus, it's no wonder that the Petersen Museum is keeping the 125 S in the "Vault," a secure part of the building that's climate-controlled and can withstand earthquakes. After all, it's worth well over $100 million and is an integral part of the automotive history.

What is extremely surprising, however, is that they took it out for a spin. MrBeast got a ride in Enzo Ferrari's first vehicle. But before that could happen, the bridge adjacent to the Petersen Museum was repaired, cleaned, and closed down by the Police. Only then did they bring out the iconic machine.

By the looks of it, the 125 S still rides majestically. It puts that amazing V12 to good work.

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