Polestar SLR Motorcycle Looks Like an Action Movie Briefcase

Polestar SLR 8 photos
Photo: Arthur Martins/Behance
SLR ConceptSLR ConceptSLR ConceptSLR ConceptSLR ConceptSLR ConceptSLR Concept
I find this concept to be of the most visually pleasing designs I've seen in a while. Sure, there’s been some nicer looking pieces with a whole bunch of odd tech like the BMW Vision Next 100, but just for design, I'm gonna have to give this a ten out of ten. But that’s just me.
Arthur Martins' aka DEADBRUSH's design for the bike is very simple. Only two wheels, a frame, pedals, and a set of handlebars, and frankly that’s all a bike needs. Oh, and a motor. Don’t forget the motor. Otherwise you’re going to be doing a whole Streetflyer type deal.

Now, you’re probably wondering what SLR stands for. It stands for Salt Lake Runner. But what does that even mean? You know the Bonneville Salt Flats? Yeah, the ones where world speed records are set. That’s where this belongs. If the SLR had any vocal chord all it would say is one word, ‘salt’.

You can tell right off the bat that this thing is meant for business. Just look at the knobs on those tires. They look like they’ve been taken right off a motocross bike and slapped onto this little guy. The two wheels complete the overall shape of the silver rectangle and offer it a visual symmetry to our brain's liking. But symmetry also has its own functions.

SLR Concept
Photo: Polestar
Such a design also allows the SLR to occupy as little space as possible. Similarly to the Ebiq, the footrests for the vehicle fold neatly into the frame when the bike is at rest, but the handlebars seem to remain in their factory set position. As we move toward the rear of the bike, we can see a space that kind of looks like a seat. One sec, let me look at it again. Yeah, it’s a seat. A bare minimum, ‘just take it’ kinda seat, but what else you need on such a speed demon?

Speaking of speed demons, please take note that the Polestar SLR is not street legal. Heck, it's not even flesh and bone or even affiliated with Polestar at this point. In theory, the thing is so fast and made just for speed, that there are absolutely no other displays except a speedometer in place on one of the handlebars. The body is dropped low to the ground to offer as much aerodynamics as possible.

Another component of motorcycle design is the suspension. Here, once again, it’s nearly non-existent. A suspension on something like this is only needed to dampen shock on internal components and not to offer the rider a more luxurious ride. Here were looking for speed and that’s rarely comfortable.

SLR Concept
Photo: Polestar
In the photo gallery you will be able to see something resembling an electric motor on the rear wheel. Wait, which one is the rear wheel? Oh yeah, the one with the red LED strip that will probably never be used to signal a stop.This photo is all known proof of a motor. Heck, the bike might not ever exist in the real world anyway. The motor is powered by a battery pack, making the device as green as it gets.

One of the most fun and outrageous things about the SLR is that it has little to no steering capabilities. This is a good thing at high speeds. Just think of the time you got speed wobbles at 15 mph (24kmph) on your bicycle. Got it? Good. Now imagine speed wobbles at 100 mph (162 kph) or more. Yeah, it’s a good thing this has minimal steering capabilities.

According to designer Arthur Martins, we have also been promised an upcoming street legal version.
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