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The Ebiq Is a Bike Concept Worthy of an Actual Build. Thin, Sleek and Modern
She’s been dubbed the Ebiq and honestly, if I saw someone riding one down my street, I would start thinking that I’m in some sci-fi film. The design does shout Japanese, similar to future motorcycles we have seen in anime movies.

The Ebiq Is a Bike Concept Worthy of an Actual Build. Thin, Sleek and Modern

The EbiqThe EbiqThe EbiqThe EbiqThe Ebiq
The Japanese have been leading the way in space-saving design for years now so it’s no wonder that eventually something like this popped up. This particular design is the work of Yuji Fujimura, a Japanese designer with a gift for anything mobile and techy.

The only real characteristic that gives any resemblance to a bike are the wheels. If they were missing, I don’t think we could ever guess what this is. The large almost fully rectangular shape of the body is what pops into your mind the moment your eyes process the image. Followed by two large monocoque wheels. That’s basically all of the bike.

The large rectangular shape is the body od this bike. You don’t climb inside. You don’t sit in that small little hole at the bottom. No, you straddle her like the postcard she is. Watch out for the paper-cuts. Just kidding. She’s decently comfortable to ride. The only downside I could find was the missing space just in front of the seat that usually allows for a more comfortable ride.

However, the frame does have a purpose. Inside your parcel package are the components that bring this odd-looking bike into a more fitting category. She is an EV, folks. A lithium-ion battery is housed within the frame just above that circle with pedals. And towards the rear tire, the motor, also encased in your envelope.

But that’s just part of the story. The Ebiq isn’t made to be just a bicycle, but to also double as a charging station for your devices. That’s right. She was designed to act as an on-the go charging station for your phone, laptop, or any other device that may fit into its charging station. That charging station can be found in between the seat and handler-bars, near the rider’s knees.

This charging station has another function too. She allows your device to connect to the bikes internal software and connect with the bike, displaying any crucial info from the device onto a screen just in front of the handle-bars.

The front wheel seems quite normal when you first see it. Have a closer look at the fork. Yeah, it’s only attached to one side of the wheel like the forkless Cruiser you’ve seen round these parts. The fork itself doesn’t house the suspension however. That’s built directly into your parcel right above the fork. When the front tire hits a bump in the road, a shock absorbs the impact maintaining the rider’s comfort. The rear wheel however, sports nothing of the sort.

Another great feature of the Ebiq is that all of her parts such as the handler bars, seat, and even pedals, all fold up into the frame. This gives her an even more stream-lined design. But with those components folded, the only thing you can do is park her. And that’s all part of the plan. To put a fleet of these on the streets as the occupy a very small amount of space even compared to traditional bikes where these components wouldn’t be able to be stored.

But being a concept, information about battery-life, ride-time, and motors is all but existent.


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