The Carsten Mehring Streetflyer Looks Like a Torture Device

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Photo: Carsten Mehring
The StreetflyerThe StreetflyerThe StreetflyerThe StreetflyerThe Streetflyer
I know you thought the Fliz dromadery-like bicycle is pretty WTF, but what about the Streeflyer? It literally looks like the Fliz has a bigger brother.
When my life path crossed that of the Streetflyer, all I could think was, “Hahaha, yeah, I know your baby brother! Fliz is his name, right?” Nope it isn’t. The Streetflyer has nothing to do with the Fliz and even the functionality behind it is one that brings a whole different set of mechanics to the contraption.

Upon seeing her for the first time, the mains shape your eyes see is the arching red frame. The lack of a seat makes you start to wonder as to how it is exactly you’re supposed to ride this thing. If you’ve met the Fliz, you would know right off the bat. The next feature you notice are the three bicycle wheels and disc brakes.

And so you start thinking it’s a bike. Upon further inspection some disc brakes and braking levers pop into view. But then you ask yourself, “How do you make it go?” Well you don’t, because the Streetflyer cannot be ridden like a bike as it isn’t a bike.

So then, what is it?

The Streetflyer
Photo: Dr. Carsten Mehring
Well, the Streetflyer may look like a bike with three wheels, possibly made for an overgrown child, but the main idea behind the Streetflyer design was for it is to be used as a hang gliding simulator. Yup, you read that right. A hang gliding simulator, but rather for those looking for the hang gliding thrill without the hang glide feel. If you put two and two together you would answer the question of how it moves.

On a flat surface, the Streetflyer does nothing than maybe offer you a sleeping position safe from snakes. Uphill, even worse, you start to roll backwards. It’s downhill where this baby really shows you what it’s really all about.

Because of the positioning similar to that of the Fliz, but rather more appropriate for a hang glider's position, the Streetflyer is able to offer the same sensation as on a glider. Your body is cradled in a harness that positions you as you would lay on your stomach.

The Streetflyer
Photo: Dr. Carsten Mehring
Ok. so now you're in this thing, sitting at the top of a paved hill. I highly recommend you find a hill suitable for longboarding as those offer a smooth enough top to ride on. Something like a downhill road. But how are you going to steer it?

The front of the Streetflyer has two bars that connect to the fork of each of the two front wheels. Those two wheels are then connected by a support that allow them to move in tandem. This allows the rider to steer with one or two hands if needed. So go for it, lean over the edge. Oh wait, you can’t! At least not on your own.

Don’t forget to bring a buddy to give you that first push.

Beyond this, Dr. Mehring's design can also be used with persons who have sustained leg injuries, as the position of the rider favors no pressure on the legs. I get that, but I think that leg injury happened on a Flitz. And if it did, I wouldn’t be hoping on something similar to heal. Maybe I should just stay put for a while.
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