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The Evolve Carbon GTR 2-1 – An All-Electric Longboard Made for Any Terrain
Are you a sidewalk surfer or a downhill king? Maybe an adrenaline junkie or just starting? What ever your stage and level of longboarding, the Carbon GTR Series by Evolve Skateboards, is ready to teach you or to let you express yourself during your ride.

The Evolve Carbon GTR 2-1 – An All-Electric Longboard Made for Any Terrain

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Folks, I’m not talking about just some longboard from your local Walmart. I’m not even talking about some custom-made board made with wood I can’t even pronounce. No. I’m talking about an electric longboard. And not just any electric longboard. This one is at the top of its game for the hole it’ll make in your pocket.

The Carbon GTR 2-1 electric longboard. Produced by Evolve Skateboards, out of Gold coast Australia, a “spot” known for its surf, be it on land or at sea.

When I first laid eyes on it, I knew I wanted to get one. It was love at first sight. Each GTR deck is handmade from carbon fiber and with a length of 39 inches (101cm), there’s plenty of room to get stable no matter your size.

The braking system is activated by a hand-held remote connected to the board via Bluetooth. The remote activates the braking feature on the board and slows you down according to the speed that you are currently at. That same remote also acts as your throttle.

If you are just cruising around, then the brake will apply light pressure to you ride, and if going medium to top speed, the braking system will apply a higher level of pressure, ensuring that your speed is reduced without throwing you off the board. The brakes don’t lock up on you, and if you are an avid down-hiller you know how important a gradual reduction in speed is. Heck, even skateboarders and roller-bladers know how a tiny little pebble can end your fun.

All that aside, the GTR comes equipped with regenerative braking, meaning, your ride time can be extended. Always a bonus when using electric tech.

Which brings us to the next huge benefit of the 2-1. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself what that 2 and 1 mean?

Evolve currently produces two Carbon GTR models. The Carbon GTR Street and the 2-1. The benefit of the latter is that is allows for off-road boarding. The switch between modes only requires a couple of minutes of your time and that way you carry your wheels with you wherever you go.

That’s right! the 2-1 allows you to take your riding where even your conventional longboard wouldn’t dare go. The reason being the 7” pneumatic wheel that Evolve has designed for the GTR, allowing you to ride through short grass, dirt tracks, roads and footpaths.

An average top speed of 20-24 miles an hour (32-38 kph) allows you to get the adrenaline you want in almost any terrain for up to 31 miles.

The other beautiful thing is that the GTR Series does have the ability to climb up an angle of 25-30 degrees, meaning that hill riding is no longer a problem. Just perfect to set you up for the next downhill run.

The power for this bad boy comes stock from a Samsung lithium ion battery, which charges to full in 4-5 hours and includes a BMS (battery management system). To assist in your ride’s battery management, three different modes are available to be selected.

The ECO mode runs on 40% battery life. Normal mode offers you 60% of available battery power, and PRO mode runs you at a full 100% of available power. A CUST mode, short for custom, also exists. With the information the GTR app collects about you and your ride, it’s able to then create a ride mode just perfect for you and how you ride.

Oh, and don’t worry about running out of batteries. But if you do, the GTR can be handled like a classic longboard as well. as the system offers very little resistance to the wheels when the board is turned off.

The starting price for the GTR 2-1 is $2,249 U.S Dollars. I say starting price, because Evolve allows you to tweak some components on your 2-1.


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