Pagani Zonda Venti Makes Surprise 20th Anniversary Debut after Missing Goodwood

The 1999 Geneva Motor Show saw the world getting familiar with Horacion Pagani's name, with the Zonda C12 changing the face of the hypercar genre. Well, here we are in 2019, with the Italian automotive producer still keeping the Zonda alive. As it always happens with one-offs based on the naturally aspirated V12 toy, there's a new one that demonstrates this bloodline won't be confined to the museum anytime soon: the Venti.
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Pagani Zonda VentiPagani Zonda Venti interior renderingPagani Zonda Venti badge rendering
Yes, all the jokes about a certain coffee shop have already been made on social media, but the name of the beast actually means "twenty" in its native language and, given the timetable mentioned in the intro, this is only fitting.

The Pagani Zonda Venti was unveiled earlier this month during a private event that seems to have taken place in the UK (this seems to be a right-hand drive car). As shared (think: Instagram) by other Pagani owners and supercar collectors present at the venue, this only saw 50 people attending what was probably the most spectacular event of the sort to date.

The Zonda Venti was mounted on a wall (social media chat talks about a Ferrari having been used to test the mounts, but perhaps it's all trolling), with projectors and fireworks making sure the Italian delicacy gets all the light it needs.

The details about the V12 monster are currently limited to what we can see in the live media and you can zoom in on the pics and vids below - my favorite part of this San Cesario sul Panaro melange has to be the mix between the air scoop feeing the Mercedes-AMG V12 (this should deliver the now-usual 760 hp) and that canvas roof.

In case you're wondering about the owner, we're talking about a collector known as Mr. Wong (the first two posts below comes from the aficionado's Insta account).

Oh, and you're not the only ones wondering why the Zonda Venti didn't show up at Goodwood, where Pagani put on a massive Zonda/Huayra show. As it turns out, final tweaks stood in the way.

"This car was supposed to be delivered, in working order , during the drive to Goodwood. Minor details remained to be done to complete the Pagani so Mr. Wong was not expecting the car to show up at all, so he was very surprised to see it," supercar collector sparky18888 explains.

In this age when emission regulations threaten to dilute the driving experience, it's a blessing to see the Zonda keeping the N/A banner up.

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***FAKE NEWS*** I have been rummaging all over IG, reviewing hash tags and checking expert sources like @pagani_registry the past two days on this purported Starbucks collaboration and I found nothing. I even checked the world’s most authoritative source in automotive news Jalopnik and there wasn’t a trace... . Thinking somethin was wrong I rang up my cuz Sum Ting and he confirmed my suspicion with this blurry render: 1) there ain’t no flipping cup holder! And 2) steering wheel is on the RIGHT side where as Spark and Co like their steering on the WRONG side. Looks like I got this one wong 🤷‍♂️ . 😺🐮FOLLOW @allwayswong_official - your OFFICIAL source to the inside world of Hypercars & Exotics once in awhile #pontiac #plymouth #pagani #peugeot #datsun #isuzu #zonda #toyota #suzuki #venti #volkswagen #yugo #buick #mercury #zondaventi #daihatsu 🌏🌈

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During the 20 th anniversary of the #zonda the venti was unexpectedly unveiled The venti means 20 or refers to a @starbucks size #coffee The scene included a major league stage , famous dj s and a #major #fireworks display. Congrats @allwayswong_official ¹‍B¹‍B¹‍BCCC here are the #fun facts that came about  Number 1 this is the real car that , as you can see , is well off the floor. This is being held up by a major steel structure that was made specially for this event. ///. It’s was even tested using a lesser car ( relax Ferrari guys , it wasn’t a Ferrari) to make sure this apparatus could hold a car. Number 2. This car was supposed to be delivered, in working order , during the drive to @fosgoodwood Minor details remained to be done to complete the Pagani so Mr Wong was not expecting the car to show up at ALL /// he was very surprised to see it. Number 3. Upon seeing the fire works display @lamborghiniks was determined to beat it. 3 he immediately went in his TINY back yard and shot off three flares , lit two sparklers and shot off a bottle rocket. OOOM job well done sir ///. Pic by @adam_shah_

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