Orbea Ordu Shaves Seconds from Your Triathlon Clock with a Monocoque Frame

Ordu M10iLTD 12 photos
Photo: Orbea
Ordu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTDOrdu M10iLTD
I literally shuddered when I saw this bike. Even my significant other enjoyed the vessel, even though it doesn’t have much to do with bikes. What we see is the absolute newest line of bikes from Orbea. Yes, that Orbea. The one known for some of the finest athletic machines on two wheels.
This particular demon is called the Ordu M10iLTD. Whatever that means. We can stick to Ordu for short. Now, before we continue, we have to tell you that this bike is not an e-bike. It’s a bike meant to give you the easiest time while performing under your own strength. In specific, this trinket is a triathlon bike. But what makes it such a big deal.

Aside from the price tag, which you can find out by clicking here, this bike showcases the best Orbea has come up with for triathlon style bikes. We can kick this whole thing off by simply saying that the frame comes in at 2.49 lbs (1130 g). That’s friggin it! Why? Because the boys constructed it completely out of carbon fiber. And it’s a monocoque construction. That’s right, all one piece. No welds to break, crack, or fracture. Nothing.

With the rest of the components such as the fork (440g), seat-post (180g), and base-bar (245g), the setup comes in at 1,995g or 4.39 lbs. When’s the last time you bought groceries that weigh less?

Ordu M10iLTD
Photo: Orbea
What really set the Ordu apart from other bikes made by Orbea is that is has a massive amount of weight reduction and aerodynamic techniques applied, mainly achieved through the use of carbon fiber, but also through shaping that carbon fiber to the exact specifics they needed.

We can see that the frame of this bike is completely different from other bikes you may have seen on our site. For example, because it’s meant to shave precious seconds and milliseconds from your clock, we can see the frame nearly become one with the tires. Only a slight space is seen to allow the tire to rotate. This keeps air from breaking into the frame and is carried neatly along its sides, offering the best aerodynamics these boys have ever shown off.

By giving the Ordu such a linear shape, and not angling the top tube like most other bike designs, it achieves an 11.5% drag reduction in comparison to Orbea’s other triathlon bikes.

On the Ordu we will also find a completely adjustable stack. For starter the base bar can be flipped, bringing the brakes a little higher if you need to adjust your riding style. Using a 150mm or 200 mm front post, you can adjust your stack a full 140 mm and even tilt your armrest and handlebars 15 degrees. This is sure to offer you a riding position suitable for any stage in your race and any level of fatigue you may be experiencing. Even the seat-post is adjustable in three points.

Ordu M10iLTD
Photo: Orbea
If there was any doubt as to who would be providing shifting and braking systems, eliminate it with the classic Shimano set-up. Both front and rear derailleurs are Dura-Ace 9150’s accompanied by a Dura-Ace 11-speed cassette.

But we will also find something controversial on this bike. The use of hydraulic disc brakes is present. And even though other braking systems might have been a better choice on others frame styles and design, for the Ordu, I find it fits just right.

Maybe, you’re not really into anything without a motor, but one you get on this beauty, you’ll understand you are the only motor that is ever really needed.
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