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China Does Things Big! At Least Thirty E-bikes per Order Big. Dirt Cheap, Too
The time has come for one of the world's leaders in the production of anything to step up to the plate. China! That’s right, folks. China is now in the e-bike business. Actually, they have been for a while, we just weren't aware.

China Does Things Big! At Least Thirty E-bikes per Order Big. Dirt Cheap, Too

But before you start going, I'm not buying it because it’s from China, hear us out. For what you get and at what price, some of the companies out there are worth mentioning. Even some less known e-bike companies or bike-sharing services get their goods from China. So let’s find out what they can do.

One of the companies out there is called Enwe Sports Tech. Now, it’s very possible you’ve seen this design before on other bikes, very possible, we all know how the Chinese roll. This bike from their arsenal doesn’t even have a standard name. It’s just called the EW-ECB-A03. With a name like that you’d say it belongs in some Terminator movie or Star Wars.

But, it doesn’t. It's just a very standard urban e-bike for only $550. But I find it quite a bargain. Once you get a feel for the specs of this little bugger you might just think one belongs in your garage.

It’s definitely not an e-bike that you should be bombing hills with like the Trance X, but not everyone is crazy enough to need anything more than this.

Oddly enough, this little bugger is made with some pretty known stuff. For example, the frame is composed from 6061 aluminum alloy frame, the same as the Wildtan and that bike can carry a huge load. True, a lot has to do with the shape of the frame, but this bike is still rigid enough to take on 265 lbs. (120kg).

To power this bike, we will find a Bafang 8Fun brushless rear motor that can crank out 350w of juice. But that eight in 8Fun does stand for something. Can you guess what? It stands for eight speeds. All eight of them run by a SRAM transmission run by Shimano lines and levers. Leave it to the Chinese to unify competitors under one roof.

Oddly enough this little trinket has enough spunk in it to get you rolling with a top speed of 20mph (32kph). But no one is really sure how far you’ll get to ride as e-bikes are very susceptible to road conditions. Meaning your ride time can vary even if the ground is wet or dry. But as far as batteries go, another big name is found, Samsung. 36V/11.6ah cells are apparently big enough to give you at least an hour or two of ride time. But sadly, the recharge time is 6 whole hours. This is probably one of the reasons this bike costs so little.

The rest of the design is basic. External cables and lines make for a quick assembly and easy to manufacture frame, while a small suspension a top the fork offers a little easy on bumps and curbs. Nothing else to point out except that in its simplicity is really where we can find solace. It's an e-bike that even my grandmother could ride and operate.

If you happen to have a look on Enwe Cycles website, you will soon understand that if you want one of these for Christmas, you may need to start a local business first. I say this because Enwe will only allow you to buy at least 30 pieces of the e-bike. This means that it’s mainly targeted for people who want to incorporate an e-bike fleet somewhere. And this is true as they also offer a service to add color and decals to the bike.

Anyone up for crowdfunding the next e-bike service?

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