Bimotal Is Set to Hijack the E-bike World With Their Elevate Conversion Kit

So e-bikes, yeah. They seem to be the popping thing right now, in the urban mobility game anyways. But they are just so damn expensive and sometimes you just don’t get what you though you are paying for.
Elevate Motor System 10 photos
Photo: Bimotal
Elevate Motor SystemElevate Motor SystemElevate Motor SystemElevate Motor SystemElevate Motor SystemElevate Motor SystemElevate Motor SystemElevate Motor SystemElevate Motor System
For people like me, who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves risk takers when buying something this expensive right from the bat, there’s Bimotal. You probably haven’t heard of them yet. Why? Because they’re still in the preordering stages, but not for long.

So, what exactly are we looking at? Oh nothing, just the newest e-bike conversion kit. Before we continue to discuss design and function, we need to tell you that it’s meant to be used on mountain bikes. But, if you are as crazy as me, you can strap it to anything with a rear disk brake set-up.

That’s right! What makes the Elevate motor system so amazingly awesome is that unlike other kits, this one operates on a disk brake, any of the two on your bike. Your bikes chain is not affected by this kit and even your bikes size doesn’t matter much. The only important thing is that your bike has the proper mounting points for it to be utilized properly. But if your bike doesn’t just give your metal-worker buddy a call and in an hour, you’ve got a proper mount. For your safety, please don’t follow my advice.

Elevate Motor System
Photo: Bimotal
It is considered a direct drive system and works in the following way. The kit includes a battery, a gear and other hardware, and finally the motor. Now we don’t have much information on the exact process of the mechanism, but we do know that the large gear is to be mounted onto your existing disk brake. this gear is then connected to another gear found inside the motor. Once the motor receives power, it can begin to turn the larger gear, which then turns your wheel.

Speaking of the motor this one can push out a whopping 100 Nm peak torque and 50 Nm of continuous torque under 750 watts. This 2.2 lbs motor is able to be mounted and dismounted as you wish, in the process leaving behind only 200 grams of hardware to carry on case the motor is taken off.

The battery too is actually quite light compared to other e-bike designs, only 3.3 lbs (1.5kg) on this baby, making her even easy to carry in your backpack if needed. Now there’s an idea. Bring another battery pack with you and once your first battery is drained after 15-30 miles (24-48 km) of riding, just swap it out and keep going. My only question now would be, how much weight can you carry on your back?

This sort of set-up is able to offer you speeds up to 28 mph (48 kph), more than enough whether you are using a mountain bike, or just a regular ol’ Brompton. I’d personally like to see something like this on one of those crazy contraptions like the Streetflyer.

Elevate Motor System
Photo: Bimotal
In case all that isn’t enough for you, we need to bring to your attention that this kit has a trick up its sleeve. It can be used simultaneously with another kit, mounted on the same bike. Two wheels means you can mount two. If four wheels, like on the above mentioned Streetflyer, then four kits can be used. I’m not even going to get into what someone like me could do with these if I get some for Christmas.

About the idea for something like this, company founder Toby Ricco stated that “Recovering from a knee injury after a ski crash I was determined to keep riding with my limited leg strength. I researched complete ebikes and retrofit kits extensively but nothing on the market fit my needs: an ultra-light and removable motor system that enabled a nearly-identical riding experience to a pedal bike with the ability to take the edge off tough climbs. Leveraging my engineering background, I set out to make this vision a reality.

Thanks to companies like Bimotal, transitioning towards a faster and more fun future, is more accessible than ever. From here it’s only going to get better.
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