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World Renowned Specialized is Pulling no Punches with this Enduro E-bike
Oh my god! This is probably the only way you will describe the ride you’ve just had on this amazing enduro e-bike. If you aren’t into biking, this is the bike for you, or at least it could be at some point in time. Like once you know how to handle bombing rock and dirt hills at 60+ miles an hour.

World Renowned Specialized is Pulling no Punches with this Enduro E-bike

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However, if you do know what the heck you are doing on something like this, then this is especially for you. From one of the world leaders in bikes of any kind, Specialized, we are offered the wonderful two-wheeler. The Turbo Kenevo Expert as it’s known is an enduro e-bike that was born from years of biking and cycling experience.

You will see similarities between this bike’s frame and other bikes in the enduro class like the Reign E+ or Giant’s Trance X. But some differences seem to set this piece apart from the rest. Before we continue, have a look at the video below to get an idea of how this bird flies. Once you’ve done that come back to the text.

Ok. If you haven’t watched the video, scroll back down again and just do it. You may not even come back to the text. That video may just be enough to make your heart skip a beat or two towards the nearest dealership.

Let’s start this whole thing from the ground up. This bikes wheel size is what the entire frame design is structured around so it’s worth mentioning that it’s built around 27.5-inch tires. Its this size that seems to offer the greatest control and fun for these types of bikes. Some riders do prefer slightly larger or smaller tires, but those modifications are usually done by ridders with experience.

From here we get into suspension components. Both the front fork and rear suspension systems travel a massive 180 mm. With RockShox providing the dampening components, bottoming out is not an issue here.

This suspension system holds an M5 aluminum frame atop it that gives this e-bike a light and durable frame with a 64-degree head-tube angle. If you see a bump, a hill, or even a mountain in your path, just go over it.

It's also here, in the frame that we find the powerhouse for the bike. Integrated within the down tube, a 700 Wh battery is ready to offer more than enough riding time. If you do happen to bottom this baby out, don’t worry too much and get back to riding as a rock guard is equipped from the start.

A battery of this size is necessary due to the giant Specialized 2.1 Custom Rx motor that pushes out 250 W of nominal power. If you aren’t too sure about what it can do, we’ll inform you that it will amplify your pedaling by 410%. To help manage and keep battery levels optimized, the Mission Control app will handle all battery details automatically.

Now, a bike that can do what you’ve noticed below, needs to have one heck of a braking system, and the Kenevo is ready for whatever you’re none-Redbull brain can think of. What surprised us is that specialized chose to use Sram for this line of e-bikes. If you happen to want to pedal, just hit one of the 11 gears at your sweaty disposal.

We would like to point out one just one more thing, if you want an e-bike just to cruise around and do nothing like you would on the HD Phat, then don’t get one of these because you’d never use it to its fullest capacity. Or you could just wait a bit longer for the newest Kenevo to be unveiled, which is said to be right around the corner..


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