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The French Attack the E-bike World Stage with Their Newest Design
If you don’t know what Moustache Bikes is, you are not alone. Being a European company based out of France, not much heat is brought upon them from the U.S. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a bit of attention.

The French Attack the E-bike World Stage with Their Newest Design

Lundi 27.5Lundi 27.5Lundi 27.5Lundi 27.5Lundi 27.5Lundi 27.5Lundi 27.5Lundi 27.5Lundi 27.5
Since 2011 these boys have been testing, building, retesting, and rebuilding e-bikes to find the best suitable designs for whatever riding is needed. They even have a tandem e-bike for you to buy if you have the guts.

All that experience finally allowed the team to push out their newest product line, the Lundi, in particular, the Lundi 27.5, the beefiest of the three models.

Up to date with city cruiser design, the 27.5 does feature a step-through frame. Some believe that this sort of frame is meant only for female riders and this couldn’t be any further from the truth. It’s actually all about safety and body posture. First, this frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting, something that happens quite often while city riding. And secondly, it keeps your body in the suitable position for such riding.

But we’ve seen cruiser e-bikes before. So, what’s so special about this one? Well, that frame we mentioned is formed out of an aeronautical grade aluminum alloy. Since most of the tubes are hollowed out to fit batteries, wires, brake and shifting lines, their composition is of the utmost importance. Within these hydroformed tubes you’ll find a Bosch 500Wh PowerTube that acts as the energy for this bike. Oddly enough, the bikes frame is built around this exact component. No other battery will fit in the downtube. Easy access to the removable battery is offered by a segment of the downtube that can be lifted.

Another Bosch component you’ll find on the bike is the motor. Performance Line 250W nominal power motor is equipped standard. But that’s not all its power output. It tops out at a max of 600 W and 65 Nm of torque while offering 300% pedal assistance. If you didn’t know about these Bosch motors, note that they provide Performance Line systems to major bicycle makers such as Cannondale and even use them in their own Bosch line e-bikes.

To control the battery and motor, we can find a Bosch Intuvia display with 5 separate riding modes. Each mode comes with its own presets for what does what and when. To make sure that each ride mode is flawlessly executed we will be able to find an Enviolo transmission. But not just any Enviolo transmission, this one is known as a continuous variable transmission and will shift gears automatically without any influence from the rider.

Oh, and don’t worry, the boys are up to date with what people want and need, so they too have called upon the Shimano powers to take care of braking and shifting. MT200 hydraulic disk brakes will give you the stopping power needed in case a car shoots out in front of your path. A 180mm rotor at the front and 160mm at the back is what will keep you in place.

As far as distance and ride time goes, it's quite difficult to gauge as there are many variables to take into consideration. But you’ll probably ride around for at least two hours with the PowerTube.

One thing that may feel like a downside is this bikes lack of a suspension. The only one available, with factory settings, is the seat post with 40 mm of travel.

The final aspect that makes this new line so wonderful is their ability to mount a diverse number of carries and baskets. Just fit for running errands and picking up groceries. Or maybe you just want to take your young ones for a ride.


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