One-Off Benelli BN 600R Comes Equipped With Aluminum Monocoque Bodywork

What was once an ordinary 2014 BN 600R is now a bespoke superstar, thanks to the specialists over at White Collar Bike.
Benelli BN 600R 8 photos
Benelli BN 600RBenelli BN 600RBenelli BN 600RBenelli BN 600RBenelli BN 600RBenelli BN 600RBenelli BN 600R
Indonesia’s annual Kustomfest houses countless bespoke masterpieces from some of the nation's most prominent workshops. For instance, the beast you see here was present at the 2017 edition of this event, and the authors behind it are none other than the gifted craftsmen over at White Collar Bike. A little while back, the autoevolution pages were honored with the presence of a sensational Ducati Monster 795 bred on WCB’s premises.

As you admire this beautiful creature, it’s not hard to see why this firm is among the country's go-to enterprises when it comes to motorcycle customization. The project we’re featuring today is based on a 2014 model from Benelli’s BN 600R family. Within its frame, the donor houses a liquid-cooled 600cc inline-four powerplant that’s good for up to 82 horses at 11,000 rpm. On the other hand, the engine will feed 41 pound-feet (56 Nm) of twist to a six-speed transmission at 8,000 rpm.

This force travels to the rear 17-inch hoop by means of a chain final drive, allowing the Benelli to reach a top speed of 118 mph (190 kph). Now that we’ve reminded ourselves about the original bike’s main specs and features, let’s see what makes White Collar’s warrior truly unique.

The very first thing you’ll notice is a complete aluminum outfit that manages to look absolutely spectacular. Each and every one of these bodywork items have been painstakingly manufactured in-house by the workshop’s ambitious gurus. After stripping the machine naked of its factory attire, the WCB crew proceeded to install a majestic monocoque structure, which unites the fuel tank and alloy tail to form a single unit.

Up front, the aforementioned module is appropriately complemented by a surreal fairing, while a pair of grilled side panels can be spotted on the flanks. Additionally, the warrior comes equipped with an assortment of aftermarket goodies, including bar-end mirrors, Brembo brakes and LED lighting on both ends. The swingarm was scrubbed clean of its paintwork to match the brushed aluminum finish found on the new bodywork.


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