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No Project CARS 3 for PlayStation 5 Coming, Slightly Mad Studios Confirms

With Gran Turismo 7 expected to land later this year on PlayStation 5, many are wondering whether other racing games will also get dedicated versions for new-generation consoles, gaining improved graphics and a more polished experience overall in the process.
Ferrari LaFerrari in Project CARS 3 1 photo
As it turns out, Project CARS 3 won’t be one of them, as Slightly Mad Studios will continue to offer the game as a backwards compatible title for both the PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox Series consoles.

In other words, yes, you will be able to play Project CARS 3 on the new PlayStation 5, but no, you won’t be getting a new title specifically optimized for this console, but the same game as everybody else with a PlayStation 4.

Project CARS 3 will run as a backwards compatible title on PS5 & the new Xbox consoles, and we will continue to support the game with additional updates & content,” the team working on the game confirmed recently in a tweet.

For many, this is disappointing news, especially because the game won’t be able to benefit from all the graphics upgrades powered by the new-generation consoles. But on the other hand, guaranteeing backwards compatibility, as well as continuous support, should be reason enough to stick with Project CARS 3 anyway, even on a PlayStation 5.

The announcement has caused some controversy on Twitter, but some say that playing Project CARS 3 on a PlayStation 5 is a “brilliant” experience nonetheless because you enjoy seamless 60 fps gameplay and “the graphics are great in all weather/lighting conditions.

At the end of the day, the fans of the game are the ones who will decide if a version of the game for new-generation consoles is required. Still, with other rival titles getting one, it’ll be interesting to see how Project CARS 3 survives in the long term betting all-in on backwards compatibility and additional updates.


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