Nikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup Truck Boasts 600-Mile Range

Nikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup Truck 9 photos
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Nikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup TruckNikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup TruckNikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup TruckNikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup TruckNikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup TruckNikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup TruckNikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup TruckNikola Badger FCV/BEV Pickup Truck
If you don’t like the metallic-origami-experiment-gone-wrong styling of the Cybertruck, there’s an alternative to Tesla’s three-motor workhorse. Enter the Nikola Badger, which looks far more conventional even though the powertrain is anything but.
The Phoenix, Arizona-based company offers two options: BEV or FCV with BEV. The electric-only Badger packs a 160-kWh battery for an estimated range of 300 miles (483 kilometers) while the fuel-cell-and-battery-electric option promises up to 600 miles (966 kilometers).

In the latter case, Nikola says that switching between the fuel cell and lithium-ion battery will be done at the simple press of a button. Zero to 60 miles per hour takes 2.9 seconds according to the company. Output ratings? Make that 906 horsepower and 980 pound-feet of torque.

IWD comes standard, standing for Independent Wheel Drive. The four-motor powertrain isn’t a completely new concept given that Rivian has the R1T and R1S, and speaking of which, both models can do the tank turn. “I have been working on this pickup for years and believe the market is ready for something that can handle a full day’s worth of work without running out of energy,” said chief executive officer Trevor Milton.

Also described as “a game changer,” the Badger will be revealed in the flesh this September. The start of production and the starting price haven’t been announced, but Nikola did mention that reservations will open in the third quarter of the year, following the reveal.

With a towing capacity of more than 8,000 pounds and a 15-kW power export outlet, there’s no denying the Badger has the makings of a workhorse. Only two problems come to mind, starting with the complexity of the FCV/BEV option. On a close second, the serious lack of hydrogen stations in the United States of America isn’t going to help.

5.9 meters long and featuring seating for five adults, the Badger has enough power to assist a construction site for 12 hours without a generator. Bringing the combined vehicle weight to 18,000 pounds with a loaded trailer won’t put too much of a stress on the e-pickup, which is capable of launching from a standstill on a 30-degree grade without stalling.
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