New Idea Proposes a Built-in Car Phone Holder to Resolve Android Auto Shortcomings

Phone holders built for cars are nothing new, but someone has just designed a more convenient way to integrate mobile devices into our vehicles.
The device would use a conventional phone holder design 15 photos
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A patent called “car mobile phone connection device” describes a concept that comes down precisely to what its name suggests: a car mobile phone connection device.

The inventor of this simple yet clever design proposes a direct integration of mobile phones into cars. It would all be powered by a phone holder that can be installed from the factory in the car and allow for a seamless connection between the mobile device and the vehicle.

The detachable holder includes typical components, including a USB port, an adjustable holding mechanism, and a wireless charging board to provide the phone with extra juice. In essence, it’s a phone holder that’s directly integrated into the car so you wouldn’t have to purchase such an accessory anymore.

The inventor proposes multiple approaches, including one that relies on a car cigarette lighter socket. As such, you would be able to disconnect the phone and plug another device into the USB port of the vehicle.

Sure enough, the idea isn’t necessarily revolutionary, as similar proposals have been around for a while. But the inventor says one of the main benefits of using this design is that the mobile phone, be it an Android device or an iPhone, would be easier to use for navigation.

Basically, this integrated phone holder, regardless of the design it would end up using, could address the shortcomings of Android Auto and CarPlay. The inventor says these include slow performance, as Android Auto and CarPlay are not by any means as responsible as a mobile device, as well as the feature limitations.

To be honest, this isn’t necessarily a ridiculous claim. Android Auto and CarPlay often misbehave in the most awkward ways, with drivers eventually struggling to get them to work in their cars. Switching to the mobile phone for things like listening to music or running Google Maps is the most convenient workaround, so having a phone holder integrated into the dashboard could eventually come in very handy.

On the other hand, even if Android Auto and CarPlay work correctly, most drivers still use a phone holder anyway. Such accessories are very useful particularly to charge the mobile device, especially as wireless charging is gaining more traction.

At the end of the day, this idea might not necessarily be revolutionary, but integrating a phone holder in the dashboard could end up killing off a market whose sales are on the rise. Sure enough, it could make things more convenient for drivers, especially as the phone would securely stay in the holder all the time. And if anyone wants to use Google Maps on their mobile device, that’s a double win.
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 Download: Car mobile phone connection device patent (PDF)

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