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NBA Star Deandre Ayton Has an Impressive Collection of V8-powered Cars in His Driveway

It’s always nice to see that even people who make tens of millions of dollars like to drive good old fashioned American muscle cars, as opposed to strictly luxury or exotic models such as various Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Lamborghinis and so on.
Deandre Ayton's muscle cars 6 photos
Deandre Ayton's muscle carsDeandre AytonDeandre AytonDeandre AytonDeandre Ayton
As far as Phoenix Suns star Deandre Ayton is concerned, even though he didn’t get his $172.5 million contract extension this past summer, the Suns could still offer him something close to that in the future. Right now, he’s in the final year of a four-year / 40.3 million contract, where this season alone he'll make $12.6 million.

Like pretty much all his peers, Ayton is also a car guy, and thanks to Pro Motorsports, an Arizona-based automotive dealership, we’ve learned what types of rides he likes to keep around. One image posted on social media even shows the NBA player’s driveway, featuring both German and American muscle.

Before we talk about what’s in his driveway, a quick look at his personal Instagram feed revealed that he also owns a Rolls-Royce Cullinan and possibly a Tesla Model X too – he was photographed exiting the Tesla on the passenger side and, yeah, that seat was pushed back as far as it goes. Officially, Ayton is about 6’11 (2.11 m) tall, although some outlets claim he’s closer to being 7 feet tall (2.16 m).

As for his three red cars, one appears to be a Mercedes G 500 4x4², flanked by a Dodge Charger Hellcat and a supercharged HEMI V8-powered Challenger widebody. Now, the former is a pre-2020 Charger Hellcat, by the looks of that front fascia, while the latter could be anything from a Hellcat Widebody to a Redeye or a Super Stock. It’s definitely not a Demon though.

After a trip to the NBA finals last year (where the Phoenix Suns lost to the Milwaukee Bucks), Ayton continues to be one of the Suns’ most consistent players (16.5 ppg / 10.3 rpg), even though he’s playing slightly fewer minutes and his shot attempts have gone down.


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