NASCAR President Says New Car Gets No Special Treatment

The new 2022 NASCAR season will begin very soon with the Cup Series. There, we will be able to see the new next-generation car. After almost 65 years of intense racing, NASCAR models have known seven generational changes that meant a transition from being completely stock to having just race car characteristics.
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NASCAR president on new 2022 carNASCAR president on new 2022 carNASCAR president on new 2022 carNASCAR president on new 2022 carNASCAR president on new 2022 car
The cars are still Camaros, Mustangs and Camrys, but the aesthetic is sleeker, the coupe form is enhanced, and they`ll have shorter greenhouses and deck lids. Also, the track width is now wider and there are new 18-inch forged aluminum wheels that have wider tires and feature a single lug-nut design. The components have also been changed with many upgrades that promise more safety, more power, more stability and, of course, more camera access for us to see almost everything.

That being said, Steve Phelps is confident in the next generation vehicles. He says they are no different from the current ones. The challenges brought upon by the current health situation have been resolved, he confirms. Phelps points out that the manufacturers managed to get all the parts they needed and already have prepared enough as back up.

“When we will race at the Colosseum with this next gen car, it will be tested more than any previous iteration combined. There have been more laps run, more tests, more collaboration with race teams and OEMs and this is gratifying to me. That`s what this industry does well. If we have to tweak the car from a drivability standpoint as we go to Southern California and then Phoenix, we will do it. It will be no different than the current car we have”, he said in a podcast with Jason Stein.

Phelps says NASCAR is ready to accept any new changes needed to make the race better. He also underlines that everyone will work together to please the fans.

“If it`s not good, we will figure out a way to make it good”, said the NASCAR president.
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Editor's note: Gallery shows pictures of Steve Phelps while in a Zoom call with Jason Stein.

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