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This Abandoned NASCAR Stadium Is Now a Vandalized, Ghost Race Track

It's 2022 and the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a whopping 112 years old. And needless to say, it has thousands of stories to tell after more than a century of racing that included IndyCar, Formula One, and NASCAR events.
abandoned Motordrome Speedway track 6 photos
abandoned Motordrome Speedway trackabandoned Motordrome Speedway trackabandoned Motordrome Speedway trackabandoned Motordrome Speedway trackabandoned Motordrome Speedway track
But not all race tracks are this fortunate. Motordrome Speedway, for instance, was closed off in 2016 after being operated as a NASCAR track for no fewer than 25 years. It's been only six years since then and the stadium is a sad sight, having been reclaimed by nature almost entirely.

Documented by YouTube's "Dark Exploration Films," the venue located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania has not only been abandoned but the buildings that are still on the property have been looted and vandalized too.

But fortunately enough, whoever raided the offices wasn't interested in all the paperwork and files that have been stored there, so there's still a huge archive to browse through. I'm assuming it would make an interesting (albeit very long) read for local NASCAR gearheads.

The vloggers also stumbled across some cool memorabilia, including photos, stickers, magazines, posters, and fliers. We also get a nice view from the main grandstand, even though it's a bit depressing to see a perfectly good track go to waste.

So what's the story of Motordrome Speedway and how did it end up like this? Well, it all began with a 1/2-mile dirt track in 1972. The venue became a proper NASCAR circuit in 1989 and hosted weekly series divisions that ran Late Model, Modified, Street Stock, Charger, and Super Compact cars.

The track had a long series of owners in the 2000s and 2010s before it was closed off and offered for sale in 2016. The complex was reportedly listed for $1.1 million but didn't find a new owner. In 2017, it was leased by an oil and gas company for storage, but there's not a lot of information beyond that.

And based on what's been happening with retired race NASCAR and drag race tracks in recent years, Motordrome Speedway will remain just an attraction for people who like to explore abandoned places for a while longer.

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