MudRunner Fans Rejoice: Expedition Brings Off-Roading to a New Level (Literally)

Expeditions will launch sometime next year 8 photos
Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/Saber
Expeditions will launch next yearExpeditions will launch next yearExpeditions will launch next yearExpeditions will launch next yearExpeditions will launch next yearExpeditions will launch next yearExpeditions will launch next year
Most of us knew what to expect from Gamescom this year, but it doesn't mean the event didn't take hardcore gamers by surprise. Saber Interactive was one of the companies that did this, as the SnowRunner creator announced a new title whose focus is once again the off-roading experience.
Let me start with a few critical tidbits to understand how huge this announcement is because I've been waiting for a SnowRunner sequel for some time, and this new game feels like it.

First, if you've played MudRunner and SnowRunner, you probably know that the gaming experience revolves around off-roading, making the most of your vehicle's capabilities, and a lot of exploration. I've always enjoyed the exploration side of SnowRunner, and while I know it felt boring for some players, I had a blast driving from one location to another, struggling with mud, snow, and heavy terrain. Switching from FWD to AWD, using the winch, and keeping an eye on the gas level resulted in a thrilling mix that made SnowRunner one of my favorite games ever.

It turns out I wasn't the only one who enjoyed the exploration part of SnowRunner. Saber Interactive took to Gamescom to announce Expedition: A MudRunner Game, a title whose name says it all. It's an off-road adventure game focused on exploration, allowing players to "adapt to nature's challenges and unravel the mysteries of uncharted lands."

The trailer indicates that Saber Interactive focused a lot on physics (which played an essential role in SnowRunner, too), so the off-roading experience will be as realistic as possible. However, the game pushes the exploration concept further by adding drones, metal detectors, and other new-gen gadgets that'll help you discover these uncharged lands that Saber talks about.

It'll probably feel like discovering a new planet, only that you'll do the whole thing from the comfort (or so to speak) of an off-road vehicle.

The driving sim component is still there, and man, it looks intriguing. You'll have to upgrade your car, buy new parts, repair damages, add larger fuel tanks, and prepare the vehicle for the next mission. It's more than just getting behind the wheel and driving to a location on the map. It's science mixed with planning, automotive knowledge, and plenty of fun. It's the same concept that powered SnowRunner, so I don't think I'm wrong if I call Expeditions a well-deserved sequel to the game that kept us busy when the pandemic hit.

Saber says it'll launch the game sometime next year, but no further specifics are available. It'll debut on most platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. I'm surprised Expeditions will support old-gen consoles, given the graphics and the upgraded physics, but Saber looks ready to provide gamers with the same gameplay experience regardless of their platform.

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