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Millionaire Jackpot Winner Owns $1M Car Collection, Still Drives Wife’s Second-Hand Volvo

Not all rich people are obnoxious and not all overnight millionaires become bores. Steve Thomson, who won the big prize on EuroMillions in 2019, is a great example in this sense, one that just might restore your faith in humanity.
Steve and Lenka Thomson won $124.5 million at the lottery in 2019, still own second-hand cars 79 photos
Steve Thomson and Lenka Thomson from the UK became overnight multi-millionaires in 2019, when they won the big prize at the lottery: £105 million, or roughly $124.5 million at the current exchange rate. You’d be excused if you imagined that, with this kind of dough, they would fall back on the millionaire lifestyle completely, indulging every whim and not working a single day again. But you’d be wrong.

Two years on, things have changed for Steve and Lenka, in the sense that they moved into a bigger house and they splashed some of the money on cars. The Sun reports that Steve’s collection totals about $1 million, and includes three Range Rovers, a Ford Mustang, a Tesla and a supercar one of his neighbors describes as “bright green” so it must be a Lamborghini (hilarious, we know). He also bought two new Volkswagen vans, because he’s still working in construction like before he became rich.

Nine months after the big win, Steve and Lenka bought their first new cars in a while: he got himself a second-hand work van and she got a second-hand Volvo XC90. They’re both surprising choices for multi-millionaires, especially for lottery winners, many of whom became cautionary tales for burning through their surprise fortunes at a very quick pace.

But what’s more surprising is perhaps the fact that this couple still has the XC90 around; in fact, the same neighbor tells the tab that Steve is often seen driving it around town. Not that there’s anything wrong with the SUV, of course.

So here we have the story of an overnight multi-millionaire who was able to find that ever-elusive balance between splurging on stuff you always wanted and being wise with money, one who owns a $1+ million car collection but still drives his wife’s second-hand XC90. Moreover, Steve and Lenka are famous in their home country for donating a big chunk of their winnings to various charities, setting up their own foundation, and helping the local community.

Editor's note: Photos in the gallery show the 2019 Volvo XC90.


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