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Mika Hakkinen's Championship Winning F1 Car Is for Sale

Lots of petrolheads wish more than anything to be able to drive a Formula One car just as fast as our favorite childhood racing heroes. While none of us will ever have the same skill as an actual F1 driver, we can at the very least buy the cars they raced in, and pretend we have even a fraction of the same talent.
Mika Hakkinen's F1 car 8 photos
Mika Hakkinen's F1 carMika Hakkinen's F1 carMika Hakkinen's F1 carMika Hakkinen's F1 carMika Hakkinen's F1 carMika Hakkinen's F1 carMika Hakkinen's F1 car is a website that generally sells Formula One memorabilia, often with direct ties to our favorite Grand Prix drivers. Like a replica of Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F1 helmet signed by the man himself.

Every once in a while, though, they get something truly astonishing in stock. Feast your eyes on Mika Hakkinen’s 1999 Mclaren MP4-14 Grand Prix car, one of the racers Hakkinen used to capture the 1999 world title. 

Driven by the dynamic duo of Hakkinen and fellow teammate David Coulthard, this car was in the hands of two of the most talented Grand Prix drivers of the 1990s. At least the best names that aren't Schumacher or Senna, that is.

With five overall race wins in that 1999 season and 76 accumulated points, this car was at the forefront of the Formula One zeitgeist throughout the late 1990s. The car features the same iconic Mercedes-Benz and Mobil One oil decals that made the car famous.

Clearly, this one was never built for the road, but its potential as a show car and as a time capsule to what some call the apex of Formula One drivers makes this a tasty choice for the eccentric wealthy businessman who’s more than likely the first in line to buy it.

No pricing information is available on the website, likely to keep away gawking fans who couldn’t possibly hope to afford this one-of-a-kind race car. Rest assured, there are people wealthy enough to buy it, it’s just a question of who and when.

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