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The 2021 Apocalypse Hellfire: A Jeep Gladiator With Six-Wheel Drive and a Hellcat Engine
Apocalypse Manufacturing is a Florida-based business that specializes in building rugged 6x6 multipurpose vehicles. The man behind these exclusive builds is Joseph Ghattas, also the owner of South Florida Jeeps.

The 2021 Apocalypse Hellfire: A Jeep Gladiator With Six-Wheel Drive and a Hellcat Engine

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Joseph thought one day that aftermarket accessories and custom mods that increase off-roading capabilities for Jeep models are just not enough. Nowadays, according to the company, his vision is shared by more than 80 lucky customers all over the world. They drive some of the most aggressive builds available on the market, are always ready to conquer any unbeaten trail, and can happily survive any "apocalypse' conditions nature can throw their way. Earlier this year, the company also made a successful appearance on Jay Leno's Garage show, presenting one of their most popular models in the line-up: the Apocalypse Hellfire 6x6 behemoth.

The model starts life as a stock Jeep Gladiator, which then goes on to be heavily modified in the hands of Apocalypse Manufacturing technicians. Although the vehicle is entirely hand-built, producing one from order to delivery can now take no more than three weeks because of the company's strategy to always keep on site 10-15 completed bodyshells and frames. In other words, for a complete vehicle to leave the workshop, it only needs to be provided with the engine of choice, the interior leather upholstery, and of course, a distinctive exterior paint finish, in any design combination the customer desires.

The final product shares very little with the stock Jeep it originates from. Practically, only the doors and the interior cabin transfer to the finished vehicle, the latter being reworked still, deploying fine leather and unique colors to recreate the aspired vision inside the future owner's mind.

The power for this mad project can come from a series of three engine choices. It can be fitted with either the 500 hp Corvette 6.2-liter LS3 powerplant, which proves to be the most popular, or the even more brutal 707 hp Hellcat unit. Surprisingly, there is even a diesel variant among those options, in the form of the 3.0-liter V6 Eco-Diesel, aimed at the low-end torque lovers.

The striking exterior appearance of this machine is worthy of the Apocalypse name. It comes fitted with a comprehensive widebody kit displaying dramatically enlarged wheel arches allowing for extended wheel travel and a quarter-inch-thick full steel front bumper featuring a serious LBS winch. Even more, it features even a steel windshield armor that ensures protection against... hopefully only branches encountered on the trail. The back is dominated by the same thick steel bumper design that features a 12,000 lbs (5,500 kg)-capable towing hitch. Not least, the Hellfire accompanies a fastback-styled flatbed enclosure, with direct inspiration from the Tesla Cybertruck regarding its rolling-lock metal covering system.

To increase its off-road credentials, the Hellfire can be equipped with 38 or 40-inch tires. Furthermore, the suspension setup has been completely reworked and now features Falcon shocks and custom control arms. The rear axle presents 8 inches of upward and 13 inches of downward travel, meaning it can achieve a chassis articulation like no other. The drivetrain mechanism that powers the six-wheel-drive system is made completely in-house by the specialists at Apocalypse Manufacturing and is designed to work as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible, not featuring any secondary driveshafts or transfer cases.

The interior layout resembles very much the one found on the original vehicle, but with few differences. Besides some switches for the lighting system, the most eyecatching feature is represented by the secondary screen. It feeds the information collected by the roof-mounted infra-red video camera, best suited for night-time exploration, hunting, or... who knows, we are talking about an Apocalypse here!

The company also builds other variants of Jeep Gladiator-based projects, with different exterior and flatbed designs, named Doomsday and Sinister 6. The pricing for such vehicles is quite steep but, for many, the way these machines look and perform makes the high numbers to be absolutely worth it. The price tag for the base Eco-Diesel variant starts from $150,000, increases to $175,000 for the LS3 alternative, and tops at $195,000 for the full-on Hellcat configuration.

Some of the most exclusive Jeep-based machines, the 6X6 Apocalypse Hellfire and its siblings provide a truly unique experience behind the wheel, making the driver feel that nothing is impossible. Resulting from a true passion for its underlying brand label and heritage, the Apocalypse machines are on their way to becoming well-established names in the industry.


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