Meet the Triple Tiny Home, a True DIY Luxury Complex at a Smaller Scale

Oasis in the heads is the name of this ensemble of different types of buildings, such as a shipping container, a tiny house, and a small pod cabin.
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Oasis in the heads Outdoor PlaceOasis in the heads Outdoor PlaceOasis in the headsOasis in the headsOasis in the heads KitchenOasis in the heads Living RoomOasis in the heads BathroomOasis in the heads BathroomOasis in the heads Master BedroomOasis in the headsOasis in the heads Outdoor KitchenOasis in the heads Living RoomOasis in the heads Dining Room with a View
The outside space between those three different structures makes you feel like you're living in a true oasis. This is amplified by the tall palm trees that surround a grill rotisserie cooking place alongside a few benches. This place makes for the perfect spot to spend time together with many friends. And just in case you want to cook something more complex than a steak, an outdoor kitchen is also present.

The outdoor deck is arranged to go around and under all the structures. A small pathway, paved with square stones, connects the tiny house and small cabin structure to the shipping container. This whole place is connected to power, so it is not suitable for people who are looking for an off-grid lifestyle. Although it is a tiny bit off-grid, relying on a 25.000- liter (6.604 gallons) water tank.

The starting point of this project was the 26sq-m (280sq-ft) tiny house, which stands in the middle and comes with all the amenities. The entire home and small cabin pod were built by using SIP panels. The color scheme chosen for this tiny home is simple but very elegant, with white and wood taking most of the color palette with black accents. This choice truly intensifies the luxurious feeling you get from more expensive houses. The first thing that draws your attention is the wood-style wall made from raw materials, which the SIP panels were made of and coated in water-based polyurethane.

Oasis in the heads Outdoor Kitchen
The living room is rather small, and it was designed with a small gray couch, many different wall decorations, and a big shelf with a LED strip that comes under it. This area has a direct view of the outsides since it is located right in front of the big entrance door made out of glass.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a big sink, a full-size fridge, a microwave-oven duo, and a stovetop. To complete the luxurious look, small ceiling spotlights were added. This combo is completed by the oak countertops that build on the theme. A big pantry space with pullout drawers was arranged under the staircase. In addition, storage space was made possible by adding something I would call the Transformers stairs since they have hidden drawers inside them.

Two bedrooms are present in the loft area, both with their own TVs and double beds. One of the bedrooms is accessible by the stairs we just mentioned while the other requires a ladder which can be moved around when it is not needed. The bathroom has the specific size of a small house, featuring a shower cabin, a minuscule sink, a toilet, and a big round mirror.

Since this place was made to be airtight, a heat transfer system was necessary to keep the airflow coming. The fans are arranged all around the house, bringing fresh air to the chosen temperature.

The small 13sq-m (140sq-ft) pod cabin is located next to the tiny house and hosts a master bedroom and another tiny bathroom with the same design. The bedroom has a double bed and a TV, perfect for relaxing while watching either a movie or the outdoors through the glass door.

Oasis in the heads
The shipping container was the last to come into this oasis and once served as a relocatable bank. It is composed of two 40sq-m (430sq-ft) containers that are welded together to make a 60sq-m (645sq-ft) small house. The front side of this small house is mostly made of windows, giving an amazing view of the palm trees outside.

The living room is the main attraction here since it occupies most of the space. It is decorated with three black couches, a carpet as soft as a cloud and a big TV. There is more than enough space for all your friends and the dinner table, which you can move here to hold all the game-day snacks. The bathroom here is much bigger than the others due to its function as a laundry room. The bedrooms also have their own TVs, with the main bedroom having a double bed and an air conditioner.

In total, the cost of the land, the small cabin pod, and the tiny house (shipping container was free) raised the price to approximately €334,729 ($338,000).

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