McLaren P1 GTR Does Offroad Donuts in the UK, Racecar Smokes Tires

By definition, a hypercar is the kind of machine that effortlessly allows a gearhead to showcase his or her wild side. Even so, certain machines are better at this game than others, with the McLaren P1 GTR being the perfect example of this.
McLaren P1 GTR Does Offroad Donuts in the UK 1 photo
For instance, a P1 GTR recently left the asphalt behind, going for a hooning session off the road. To be more precise, the gas-electric racecar delivered all sorts of tire-abusing shenanigans after going for a softroading session.

The adventure was part of the Heveningham Hall Concours in the UK, with the driver going all out and even pulling donuts with the doors open.

Actually, the P1 has always had this sort of effect on its drivers and we can look at the path of the GTR to showcase this.

The GTR was born as the racing incarnation of the P1, with owners ending up packing both the road car and the motorsport toy in their garages. Nevertheless, it didn't take all that long before the P1 GTR was brought back to the street, with the racecar receiving a road-going conversion.

Lanzante Motorsport, a long-time McLaren partner handled the conversion and did much more - the British specialist came up with the P1 LM, a road-legal proposal that's even fiercer than the GTR. The LM went on to deliver a lip-biting Nurburgring lap time, taking the velocity frenzy even further.

Returning to the offroading shenanigans we have here, the story might seem familiar. Well, that's because the said even also saw the driver of a Bugatti going wild.

As we showed you earlier today, a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse WRC Edition pulled stunts similar to the ones seen here. Of course, such tales can lead to quite a few tech complications, so we're asking you to weigh your options when grabbing the keys and heading out for a spin.


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