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McLaren Elva Coupe Looks Amazing, Roof Seems Like a Match

It's no secret that the Speedster genre is on the rise, with more and more carmakers aiming for a seat at the no-windshield table. So far, we've received the Ferrari Monza, with its SP1 and SP2 derivatives and the Mclaren Elva, while Aston Martin is working to introduce the V12 Speedster. And the rendering realm, which is also enjoying more popularity with each new season, wants to have a say in this.
McLaren Elva Coupe rendering 3 photos
McLaren Elva Coupe RenderingMcLaren Elva Coupe Rendering
Just earlier today, we talked about a roof proposal for the said Prancing Horse, with this coming in two forms. The first, aimed at the SP1 single-seater, consists of an element resembling the halo system used in Formula One. As for the second, this consists of a windshield and a roof for the two-seater SP2.

Well, we are now here to talk about a similar body transformation for the McLaren Elva. This isn't the first time we get to talk about such a transformation for the British machine. Nevertheless, the pixel work sitting before us makes for yet another occasion to mention how stunning the Elva looks with a panel sitting above it.

The eye candy that now occupies our screens comes from Car Lifestyle - make sure to use the swipe feature of the social media post below, so you can easily compare this "coupe" to the open-air original.

I'll use this occasion to remind you that the British automotive producer does offer an optional windshield for the Elva, since such a piece is required on certain markets.

However, we can't say the same about the roof. And, given the fact that only 399 units of this monster will be built (each is offered for $1,690,000), the chances of an aftermarket specialist developing such a top are rather slim.

As for the V12 Speedster, this is too early to talk about a roof-adding rendering for the Aston, but we have discussed pixel works based on the official teasers, which aim to portray the final form of the machine.


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