Man Gets Drunk, Fights Ex's Brother, Punches a Red Tesla, Gets Fined

Tesla Model S in red 7 photos
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Tesla Model S in redTesla Model S in redTesla Model S in redTesla Model S in redTesla Model S in redTesla Model S in red
A 44-year-old man from Australia had reportedly gotten into a fight with his ex's brother at a local fast-food restaurant this February, and he punched a red Tesla's passenger-side door repeatedly after he decided to leave the establishment. The vehicle in question did not belong to his alleged sparring partner, but it was being driven by someone else.
As reports have noted, the vehicle was being driven in a roundabout, which the man entered on foot. Seeing the vehicle headed toward him seems to have upset the reportedly inebriated man, and he proceeded to punch the passenger's side door, creating a dent.

Several onlookers had stated that the man was “clearly drunk, shirtless, was yelling and cussing at customers and workers inside and outside the restaurant.

When the police interviewed him the next day, he claimed to lack any recollection of the event. While the 44-year-old Australian man admitted having consumed alcohol that night, he could not explain his actions in any way, as he could not remember anything.

The court was notified that the Tesla had suffered damage that added up to AUD 6,634, out of which AUD 1,500 had to be paid from the owner's pocket as insurance collateral.

As it turned out later, the 44-year-old man was homeless, had just broken up with his partner, and was attempting to become sober after struggling with alcoholism, The West Australian noted. After reading this, we cannot help but feel sorry for him, as he is in a rough point in his life, but that is no excuse for violent behavior.

On Monday, he appeared in Banbury Magistrates Court, where he pleaded guilty to one charge of criminal damage, disorderly behavior in public, and breaching a community order.

The 44-year-old man was handed an AUD 500 fine for his disorderly conduct, an AUD 100 fine for the breach charge, as well as a six-month community-based order for the criminal charge. The man will also have to pay AUD 1,500 to the vehicle's owner.

If there is something to learn from this, it should be that violence is never the answer, as well as keeping the doors of your vehicle locked while driving is a great idea, especially in situations like this. It does not matter if you did nothing to someone else, they may still do crazy things, and you might get injured.

On the other hand, if you happen to be aware that you tend to become violent after consuming alcohol or have previously experienced blackouts, it is your responsibility to keep things under control. If you find that you cannot do that, please seek professional help.
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