Magical Tiny Home Reveals a Fairytale-Like Separate Dining Room

The charming Ostara reveals a magical layout with a loft bedroom and cozy dining room 31 photos
Photo: Baluchon
The Baluchon tiny homes are not the urban dwellers who are only looking to downsize. They are meant for those who are ready to embrace nature fully and live in harmony with it. Each house built by this brand is more than a living space – it's a magical haven where tradition, craftsmanship, and simplicity meet modern comfort.
Baluchon is arguably France's most popular tiny house builder and an inspiration for tiny living enthusiasts worldwide. It has become synonymous with a particular style that's now instantly recognizable. Baluchon doesn't experiment or play with different style perspectives. It has created a successful formula, reflected in each tiny home it delivers. At the same time, every Baluchon design has its own special charm and distinctive features.

Ostara is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tiny houses in this rustic, cabin-like category. Built in 2017, when the tiny living trend was still young, it remains an iconic example of exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious interior design. It's both a perfectly cozy family home and a magical dwelling, the kind you'd expect to find in the middle of an ancient forest, surrounded by nothing but wilderness.

Like all Baluchon creations, Ostara draws attention with its sophisticated exterior details. Unlike the typical tiny homes in New Zealand and Australia, with industrial-style, somber exteriors, these French gems exude the warm and inviting charm of traditional wood cabins. An oversized circular window at the end of the house adds a mysterious, whimsical vibe to Ostara. Its frontal main entry, beautifully highlighted by the white-painted frame, comes with a detachable canopy that protects against the sun and the elements.

Photo: Baluchon
Together with the tiny terrace and a couple of steps, this canopy instantly turns Ostara's entry into a homely, inviting transition area. Wooden tiny houses can sometimes seem secluded and closed off compared to their contemporary-style counterparts, with multiple, huge windows that blur the line between the indoors and the outdoors. Still, Ostara shows its friendly face right away – the front terrace and the large circular window at one end are wonderful ways of connecting with the surroundings.

Inside, a spacious salon fills the center of the home. As you'll find out, this French beauty boasts a somewhat unusual layout. Unlike most tiny homes today, it doesn't focus on the kitchen. Some might be surprised to see how compact its kitchen is. Instead, it creates ample room for a generous salon and an adorable dining room, something that's hard to find inside tiny homes these days.

The key piece inside Ostara's salon is a huge sofa that can welcome friends and family and easily double as a bed occasionally. This way, the lounge can be used as an extra bedroom. Partial walls create separation between the lounge and the dining room, which becomes a lovely, intimate space.

It includes a large table with three seats, ample storage integrated into the staircase, and a rustic wood-burning fireplace. What could be better than dining in front of the window, with a fireplace nearby?

Photo: Baluchon
You could consider this entire area an oversized living room, but the discrete separation turns the dining nook into a particularly warm and cozy spot full of rustic charm. It's one of Ostara's most special features and something you rarely get with contemporary-style tiny homes.

On the other hand, some might be disappointed with how small the kitchen is. While other homes on wheels brag about their family-style kitchens with lots of counter space and full-size amenities, Ostara keeps it simple. You won't find any overhead cabinets or multiple appliances. Storage is limited. A tiny stove and a mini fridge, integrated into the kitchen furniture, cover the basic needs. Even so, this compact kitchen is still full of charm, mainly thanks to the impressive woodwork.

Ostara is all about craftsmanship. From the red cedarwood exterior, with an anti-UVA finish, to the spruce flooring and fir tree walls, this cabin-like house is a wooden masterpiece. The furniture throughout is made of oak and spruce, and it contributes to the home's traditional, cozy atmosphere. It's like being inside a lovely vacation cabin in the woods yet enjoying the full comfort of a family home at the same time.

Fully embracing this rustic style also means accepting the limitations of a more modest type of bathroom. It looks more like a traditional sauna than a modern bathroom due to the wooden walls and eco-friendly toilet. A decent-size shower with glass doors elevates the comfort level, while miniature wooden shelves add functionality and a nostalgic style.

Photo: Baluchon
An angled staircase connects the main floor to the loft area with one bedroom. Instead of a handrail or a protection wall, this upstairs bedroom features a solid net across its length for safety and a bit of privacy.

A large bed also takes advantage of the room's length. In addition to the windows on both sides, which provide natural light and cross-ventilation, the bed is strategically placed to face the oversized circular window downstairs – it's a beautiful view that makes Ostara even more magical.

Like most Baluchon designs, Ostara isn't very big. It's only six-meter-long (19.6 feet), yet the beautiful configuration and signature style make it seem as spacious and welcoming as the best traditional homes.
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