Madman Fits R34 Skyline Body On Top of R35 GT-R Chassis

Ask any self-respecting JDM fan living here in the States. What's the most hallowed JDM only vehicle? The only answer will be the R34 Nissan Skyline. But now, one YouTuber is creating a legal one for himself.
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Photo: Via B is for Build
R34 on R35 chassisR34 on R35 chassisR34 on R35 chassisR34 Skyline shellR34 Skyline shell
The very first R34 Nissan Skyline rolled off of the production line in 1999. Over the next three years, Nissan built roughly 12,000. Today, less than 100 of them have found their way to the United States.

That won't always be the case, though. Every day we get closer to 2024. That's the first year that the 1999 model year of the R34 Skyline will be 100% legal here in the US.

'Til then, enthusiasts have to find creative ways to enjoy their favorite forbidden JDM fruit. Some of them have grafted R34 front clips onto recently legalized R33 models. One youtube has decided to go another route, though.

He's obtained an R35 GT-R that was bound for the scrap yard. He also found an R34 that shared the same fate. Together, they'll be one of the most desirable cars on this side of the Pacific.

The project has been chronicled over 12 different videos, but this is the best view yet. In this film, the R35 gets its transaxle back. It also gets the front fenders and the front bumper cover from the R34 test fitted.

To say that it looks good is an absolute understatement. The project is a gigantic undertaking that's already seen both cars literally cut in half at one point. Now that the R35 GT-R chassis is the right size, it's only a matter of time before it's wearing a sexy Skyline suit.

Chris Steinbacher, the builder behind the channel, is well known for successfully completing projects just like this one. An LS Swapped Lamborghini Huracan and an Eleanor tribute car that was taken from him are just two of his most infamous projects. We can't wait to see this one completed as well.

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