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Lotus Announces New Advanced Performance Division for Ultra-Exclusive and Bespoke Vehicles

Big news coming out of Hethel today, with Lotus announcing a new ‘Advanced Performance’ division, capable of delivering thrilling bespoke vehicles as well as world-class customer experiences. The person in charge of this division will be one Simon Lane, who has joined Lotus from rivals Aston Martin.
Lotus announces Advanced Performance division 6 photos
Lotus announces Advanced Performance divisionLotus announces Advanced Performance divisionLotus announces Advanced Performance divisionLotus announces Advanced Performance divisionLotus announces Advanced Performance division
If you are wondering what Lotus are up to, it’s rather simple actually. They’re trying to transform themselves from a UK-centric sports car company to a global performance car business and brand.

They’ve even released an enticing teaser image depicting a future project: it's the rear end of a motorsport-focused vehicle, but at this point, it could be anything. From an upcoming electric track car concept to a piece of luxury furniture or a premium speaker system. It’s hard to tell, but we’re looking forward to finding out.

Here are some of the services we can expect from Lotus Advanced Performance (LAP), starting with their so-called Halo projects. These will be ultra-exclusive and unique vehicles. The pinnacle of what the British carmaker is capable of.

Then you have Limited Edition and Bespoke models. The former will be simply high-spec versions of existing Lotus cars, while the latter will be more focused on customization options (exclusive colors, trims, materials).

Experiential services will also be available, meaning tours of the new Hethel sports car and hypercar production lines, as well as various other activities allowing customers and fans to experience the Lotus brand.

Other available services include the Lotus Driving Academy (expert tuition at the wheel of a Lotus), Motorsport (competition car delivery and support services), Options (exclusive extras for your Lotus) and Accessories (broad range of Lotus Advanced Performance products and brand merchandise).

“I have always been a Lotus fan, and this has to be one of the most exciting roles in the automotive industry right now – a blank sheet of paper and the opportunity to launch a completely new division at the world’s most ambitious car brand,” said Lane.

“The Lap team and I have some fantastic and truly innovative ideas with very broad appeal, for Lotus fans young and old to those in search of unique experiences and collectible opportunities.”

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